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Hey, friends. Here's an easy Friday project for ya. I just finished up the design of the cover of my upcoming book, Prospect with Soul for Real Estate Agents (well, I didn't DO the design, of course; but I micro-managed the process!). I'm down to one decision and the vote so far is tied 4 to 4. O...
On January 6th, in the SWS Virtual Studio, we did a little show on Using Contact Management to Sell with Soul. Judging from the post-show questions, comments and generally positive feedback, the topic is of much higher interest to the real estate community than I gave it credit for! So...on Janu...
(Maybe THIS post will get me over that 300,000 points mark!) So, the burning question! Which system do I recommend...? Well, I'll tell you what I use and therefore, feel comfortable recommending. It's not the only option, obviously; there are gazillions of (well, maybe a few dozen) real-estate-sp...
A few days ago, I posted a blog about how I don't buy the argument that a real estate agent can't afford to purchase a contact management system because that extra $10 or $20 or $35 or $39/month just ain't in the budget. You can read it here. Today I'll be a little more upbeat and a little less p...
First things first... I'm an old married woman as of Saturday! Yay! Second things next... hoping today's blog puts me over the 300,000 points mark... And now onto today's message... After my first contact management teleseminar show on January 6th, I got a bunch of emails from attendees telling m...
Okay, picking up from yesterday's blog about using contact management to Sell with Soul, let's talk today about creating reasonable expectations for your contract management system (aka CMS). There's a natural desire among us human being types (‘specially us self-employed creatures) to be as effi...
Last Thursday, I did my first-ever contact management teleseminar show in the SWS Virtual Studio. The goal of the program was to do a general overview of what *I* think a contact manager ought to do for you, and provide some solid ideas of how to use your contact manager to do those things. (if y...
Over 350 people signed up and about 75% showed up for last Thursday morning's show about Using Your Contact Management System to Sell with Soul. Wow - I guess it was a Hotter Topic than I expected it to be - I figured it would just me and a handful of other technologically-curious agents who had...
Contact Management! Woo Hoooooo! Now THIS is a topic you've been waiting all year (well, six days anyway) for, huh?! Actually, I get more requests for recommendations on contact management than almost any other topic. Since I'm a big fan of running a Sphere of Influence (SOI) business, which nat...
I just started working with my wonderful graphics gal on the cover design of my next book, Prospect with Soul. I have a wide variety of visions of how it's gonna look; what elements I want to include, what message I want the cover to convey, what font I want to use for the title and subtitle, etc...

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