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Last week we did a teleseminar show in the SWS Virtual Studio on a rather sensitive subject - QUITTING. Yeah, quitting. As in, throwing in the towel and calling it a day. The goal of the show was not to talk anyone out of quitting, or shame them into staying or even to sell them a bunch of my boo...
During a recent SWS Teleseminar show (Negotiate with Soul) a discussion arose as to whether or not a listing agent should "remind" the buyer agent of the buyer's contingency deadlines. We didn't exactly call it "reminding," but rather "checking in" or "following up," but to my ear, it's the same...
Dear Jennifer,  I've wanted to be a real estate agent since I was 18 and your book made it sound so easy and wonderful! Although, I must admit that I also read in other books that you have to "have a thick skin," but I told myself - "I'll be fine because I'll only work with nice people!" The prob...
Anytime my name is mentioned, I just have to re-blog ;-]. But what Ruthmarie says here is absolutely true - the customer service at IXACT is great - very personal and reliable - and I've literally sent hundreds of agents their way. Anytime we've had an issue - something that slipped through the c...
Yesterday, we did a teleseminar show in the SWS Virtual Studio about negotiating - specifically, negotiating on behalf of our buyers and sellers (as opposed to any sort of fee or commission negotiation). I was joined in the studio by Blake Farley, from Silver City, New Mexico and from the positi...
As promised... here is the follow-up to my earlier blog about what to do with your contacts once you've loaded them up in your contact management system to maximize the likelihood that your sphere of influence (the people who know you) will support your real estate business. If you'd like to read...
Excerpted from Chapter Ten of "If You're Not Having Fun Selling Real Estate..." I used to be afraid of the word “negotiate.” I considered it, paradoxically, to be both beneath me and also over my head. My vision of a master negotiator was someone who was expertly manipulative, who had the attitud...
Last week we did a show-n-tell webinar in the SWS Virtual Studio about contact management - specifically what to DO with your contacts once they're loaded. Because, as nice as it is to have a place to safely store your precious sphere of influence contact details, having them in storage certainly...
I’m often asked how I got into the “real estate training” business – usually by people who’d like to do it too. People who feel they have a message and are passionate about sharing it. “So, Jennifer, how did you make the transition from being a reasonably successful real estate agent to being a r...
A few months ago, I was contacted by one of my customers who had just purchased my Listing Analyzer for Expired Listings which is a dandy little tool to help agents figure out why an expired listing didn't sell with the previous agent... and what they can (and should) do better this go-around. Sh...

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