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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Brian Nally, We Buy Houses Austin TX
(512.Investments, LLC)
Technology in Real Estate Investing: The Path Forward By: Brian Nally This article was originally published by Marketwatch. republished here with permission. My Name is Brian Nally and I’m the owner of 512.Investments, LLC. We do business as “” and have been active in Austin real estate since I moved here in 2008. In that time, we have seen a lot of the changes that technology has brought to the game.  Our company is involved in all types of real estate deals but the area where technology has helped us the most is with our wholesaling business.   You’ve probably seen those annoying We Buy Houses in Austin signs all over town? Yeah, that’s not us. That’s our competition doing what we did 10 years ago.  The landscape has shifted in how motivated sellers are reach...
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When I reviewed the license and disciplinary actions on the Utah Department of Commerce division of Real Estate I noticed the most common reason agents had their license placed on probation was due to criminal history, or something related to criminal activity. I was expecting to see a variety of reasons and was surprised what stood out the most was criminal activity. In general learning about how much fraud and criminal activity that can happen in real estate was a bit of a shock. As agents there really is a lot of responsibility and I can understand why ethics, honestly, and professionalism are so important. People are trusting realtors with one of the biggest decisions of their life and learn that some realtors take advantage of this really puts into perspective how important is to b...
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By Reid Wyly
(Carolina Estates Realty)
I am searching for a professional full time Realtor in Romney West Virginia. I have a client who is moving there after we sell their home here in Charleston SC. They are looking for around 5 acres with a nice one story home.I can be reached at 843-810-2810. Reid Wyly Broker/ Owner of Carolina Estates Realty LLC 
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By Leonard Neal, When no one can do it, I still get it done.
Contact me at 
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In case you're on the lookout for another home, it is vital to hire your builder as cautiously as you pick a home. Whether you plan to buy a condo, a townhouse, a house in a subdivision, or a custom-built house, you should be aware of the fact that you are buying a good quality home from a reputable builder.The following are some of the effective tips that will help you select a builder.Make a list of possible home buildersWhenever you have found out with regards to the sort of house you need, you can make a list of potential top new home builders in Los Angeles. Reach out to your local home builders’ association to get a list of builders who build homes in your locality/area. Make sure to look in the real estate section of your local newspaper for popular builders and projects. Glancin...
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By Dave Smith, Realtor & Mortgage Pro Business Coach
This article and blog is about writing targeted messages for your target market. I teach how to isolate your target market, and then how to use market research to gather information about that group of people to use in your Marketing Strategies …With this lesson, I am going to take this market research and use it to create a powerful Marketing message. The strength of your Marketing message lies in its ability to speak to the specific wants and desires of your target market, and tap into their emotional reactions, or hot buttons. When you push those hot buttons, you motivate your audience to act. The more people you can motivate to act, the more leads you will have in store and on the other end of the phone line, or at least in your inbox … In this article/blog, I cover:How a strong Mar...
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By Scott Beard, Making Memories One Home at a Time
(Denver Realty Pro, LLC)
That is the question many of today's buyers are wrestling with. Soarning prices, inflation and steep competition have some buyers feeling hopeless. Many have given up on purchaseing a home. By waiting to purchase your home you risk prices and interest rates climbing which will hurt your chances of being able to get the home you want. Lets take a look at the cost of  waiting to buy a home. As you can see in the chart, what you could afford last year you may not be affordable this year. If the market continues to be strong what you could afford today may be out of reach next year. Interest rates have been at record lows for several years and are not forcasted to stay this low much longer. Couple that with the skyrocketing home values we have experienced over the past few years, you may en...
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By Sidney Moore, Real Estate Agent in the New Orleans Metro Area
(Galiano Realty)
OK many of my readers will scratch their head, how can Endre compare Caramelizing Onions with Real Estate? Well the answer is easy, please google it and you will find out that there are people suggesting Caramelizing anywhere from 30 minutes to 50 minutes.... and may I say the result will be mediocre to lousy. Then go look at Uber Chef Thomas Keller's  idea of Caramelizing Onions and you get the answer FIVE HOURS.... what is the difference? Quality and Flavor. In case you do not know who Thomas Keller is, he has three different Restaurants. The first one the French Laundry, then came Bouchon and then Per Se in New York City. Keeping in mind all three have been Michelin Rated Restaurants. Just like Real Estate there are agents who take short cuts, you know the 30 -50 minute Caramelizers...
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When we were buying our house a few years back, we thought we had a realtor who had our best interest in mind.  However, over time, it became pretty clear that the guy only wanted to make a sale, and really didn't care about our needs.  We were young and dumb college students with a little bit of money to buy a duplex while we were in school.  Our experience with with our Realtor has been the motivation to get my licensee so others don't have to go through what we did.One of the things we noticed with our realtor that made us think he did not have our best interest in mind was the constant push for us to buy a single family home in the city and convert it over to duplex.  This would have been an okay thing to do if it were legal in the city we lived in, however, the city had made it ill...
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By Jonathan Allen, Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors
We offer a platform for Real Estate Brokers to get paid on Private Money deals. If you are a broker who works with investors this makes perfect sense below is a short video with the Broker Portal instructions. To get you enrolled, please complete the registration form at:
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By Sharif Hatab, Your Neighborhood Realtor!
(BHHS Fox & Roach)
Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings that promotes wealth, prosperity, and happiness. There are three main principles that are fundamental: Bhogadyam (functionality), Sukha Darsham (visually pleasing aesthetics), and Ramya (the user delight).  According to Vastu, east, north, and northeast-facing homes are auspicious, or conducive to success. This stems from the fact that the north direction is dedicated to Kuber, the God of wealth.    BEST VASTU ORIENTATIONS For the house to bring the most success and prosperity, the entire house should be Vastu-compliant. This is where the rooms in the home should be located for that to happen. Master bedroom: Southwest  Kitchen: Southeast or Northwest Guest Room: Northwest Pooja Room: Northeast https://www.sharifs...
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By Richard Styner, Real Estate Marketing Expert
(Golden Eagle Properties)
In the modern world of real estate, it is vital that agents pursue all available sources of leads. One that is often overlooked is online marketing on social media or agent profile sites like Yet 12% of buyers find their agent through online searches. While this is a relatively small percentage compared to referrals or past usage, it should not be ignored, especially by new agents. There are social media marketing firms out there that will charge hundreds of dolars a month for these services, but they can easily be accomplished for free with a little effort.I've put together a silde presentation of the basic steps. You can view it here: here: 
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By Gabriel Katzner
(Katzner Law Group, P.C.)
Estate planning is essential, not just for you and what happens to your property after you die, but also for your loved ones.If you do not have an estate plan, things that you would certainly want to decide for yourself will be decided by the State of California. Asset protection planning and business succession planning can assist you if you have specific concerns relating to your assets during your life and how they should be treated upon your death so that matters are structured in the most tax-efficient and asset-protective structure possible.Learn more at:
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By Ariana Mortenson, Professional writer and blogger in Australia
For the majority of households, an inch of rainfall isn’t a big deal. However, when it tumbles down on your median-looking roof, it will flood, drenching off the roof’s overhang. That will be the frightful phenomenon, which can vandalize everything around (even your peace!) if your gutters aren’t performing the task of controlling it. If you find clogged leaves and debris there, that’s the time to think about it.Maybe it simply needs cleaning. By the way, regular gutter cleaning is important as that can prevent clogged gutters. But perhaps it needs a replacement.If your case matches with the latter one, then this blog is for you. Here you’ll find the most crucial information – the best styles and materials for rain gutters. Also, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions (FAQs)...
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By Donald R. Bonnell, Real Estate done right for over 46 years - Broker
(Realty Executives Arizona Territory )
What will your agent do to get it soldHere are some helpful ideas to ponder MARKET ANALYSIS Thoroughly inspect the property and outline all the important features and upgrades for future use in the listing information presented. Order the preliminary Listing Report and review the condition of title for any issues. Help determine the Fair Market Value of the property by doing a detailed written Comparable Market Analysis with three different information gathering sourses. Local MLS, Online Companies and Realtors Property Resource. Provide an estimate of the selling expenses to show you the net proceeds.  Execute a listing agreement authorizing them to market the property and have all of the marketing plans in place should you choose them and their company. Gather any information that is ...
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By Kris Anderson
In today's review of the "21 ways to lose your real estate license" the Agent Professor course had me visit the Licensing and Disciplinary Action section on the Utah Division of Real Estate's website and research some of the cases.  A few of the instances I reviewed seemed (to me at least), to be minor indiscretions such as failing to update a record.  However, the majority of those I came across were blatant dishonesty such as, acting as sales agent without affiliation to a principal broker, managing properties without a license, and forging a party's signature.  I imagine the pressures to "close the deal" are really intense as sales agents acting as independent contractors with "bills to pay."  I can only hope I'll have the courage to be honest in all stages of real estate and all of ...
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By Corinne Segura, Green Building Materials Specifier
(My Chemical-Free House)
I work with folks disabled by Multiple Chemical Sensitivities who face a lot of obstacles when accessing rental and sale home viewings. With 1/4 of the US population reporting some level of chemical sensitivities I think it's important to take some steps to make home viewings more accessible. 1. Paint The first thing we can do to help is if we are repainting to use a zero-VOC paint. There are so many now, they range in price from very inexpensive lines like Valspar Pristine to high-end brands like many Benjamin Moore lines. This is something that can now be easily found in hardware and paint stores locally. On the trim we can avoid oil-based paints to minimize offgassing. 2. Use of air fresheners The second part is to avoid the use of air fresheners that contain compounds that bother th...
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By Radwan Sleiman, Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker
(Landmark Group)
There’s always opportunity in real estate. It’s just a matter of finding that opportunity in the current market. Let Us Help you Find It. #realestate #homeforsale #beirut #ashrafieh #buyingahome #landmark #realestateagent #realestateforsale
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By kevin rego, IRS Collections Representation
(Law Office of Kevin Rego)
Once you are in the IRS's collection system, it is very important to know the system roadmap. Collections run in pretty much a linear manner--step by step until the collection action is resolved, the statute of limitations runs, or any number of other possible outcomes.One of the "stops" on the collection roadmap is an IRS levy. If you do not pay your taxes or make arrangements to settle your tax debt, the IRS may determine that a levy is the next appropriate action. An IRS levy permits the legal seizure of your property to satisfy a tax debt. It can be in the form of a wage garnishment, social security income offset, taking money out of your bank or financial account, seizing and selling your vehicles, real estate, and other personal property.Generally, the levy is put in place after s...
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By Gabriel Katzner
(Katzner Law Group, P.C.)
Estate planning is essential, not just for you and what happens to your property after you die, but also for your loved ones.Not having an Estate Plan for your Real Estate AssetsIf you do not have an estate plan, things that you would certainly want to decide for yourself will be decided by the State of California. Asset protection planning and business succession planning can assist you if you have specific concerns relating to your assets during your life and how they should be treated upon your death so that matters are structured in the most tax-efficient and asset-protective structure possible.New York Estate PlanningIt has taken you a lifetime of hard work to accumulate those assets you currently have. Unfortunately, America is a litigious society and 90% of all lawsuits in the wo...
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