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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!



There was a featured blog here in the Rain a few weeks ago advising agents to devote 80% of their time prospecting for new business and 20% dealing with current business (i.e. active buyers and sellers). This isn't the first time we've seen this advice and it won't be the last; in fact, most Big ...
I’d already been rather distressed this last week about something - and the timing is unfortunate because I have so many other things to do besides rant and rave and whine and fuss about my Issue du Jour (or du Week?) ... and then I saw Leslie Ebersole's excellent featured blog called "Mocking M...
Thanks to everyone who attended last Thursday's SWS teleseminar show 'specially for introverts about Socializing Without Fear or Discomfort! If you are naturally socially-inclined, you may think that going out into the world with a smile and a hearty hello for everyone you find there is an easy,...
Last week, I found myself involved in an unpleasant discussion with a service provider in my life. In the interest of discretion, I won't share the details here, but suffice to say that this unpleasant encounter was above and beyond your typical "Someone forgot to take his happy pill today" beha...
Live in the SWS Virtual Studio on Thursday! Contrary to what you may have always believed, being an introvert is nothing to apologize for, overcome or make excuses for. No, not even if you're a real estate agent! In fact, around here, we believe that introverts actually make exceptional real esta...
Especially for Rookie Agents (but everyone is welcome), this teleseminar show is about what happens (or SHOULD happen) between the time you get your new seller client's signature on the listing agreement and that glorious day you go under contract. Contrary to what some seem to believe, there are...
I could hardly stop myself from jumping up and clapping when I read the post I re-blogged below. Here are some similarly-topic'ed posts I've written myself on the subject: Real Estate Agents - Salespeople or Consultants? Depends on the Agent! "Lead Generation is what Real Estate is All About" Doc...
Related to a recent blog entitled "READ THIS Before Your Next Price Reduction Recommendation, today's post is about HOW to recommend a price reduction if it comes to that without blowing your credibility, or, frankly, ticking off your seller. In a perfect world (and why not strive for that?), a ...

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