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Several months ago (egads, in September) I wrote a blog with a teaser promise at the end to "stay tuned" for more... and that "more" never came. I sure hope too many of my readers didn't lose sleep wondering when I'd ever get back on topic. Here's the post... At the end of the post, I promised to...
If this blog goes where I think it's going, it might make me slightly less popular among the AR crowd... A few months ago, I was interviewed by someone at RIS Media about my views on the current state of the real estate industry. Blah Blah Blah, we covered all the generic, pithy topics and then m...
There's a conversation going on at another forum about whether or not to work with an Internet buyer who wants to buy a home in June. The general consensus is that the agent shouldn't waste his time on a buyer who is not ready, willing and able to buy today. WHAT?????? This attitude completely be...
Can anyone help? I tried to print out some of my AR blogs for a presentation yesterday and couldn't get it done. Tried to Select the Text and then "Print Selection". Nope, didn't work. Just got a blank piece of paper. Tried, of course, to simply print the page, but got the blog printed separately...
I read somewhere (I believe it may have been in the book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion") that human beings develop analytical short cuts in their brains in order to make judgments or decisions about new ideas or offerings that come their way. The example given was that of "You get what...
There was a great discussion started by Janet Guilbault... (which she credited me with inspiring) about what Realtors want from their lenders - or better said - what it takes for a Realtor to give a new-to-them lender a shot. Janet was surprised by my assertion that lender marketing krap ain't go...
Last week, I attended a Center Stage event hosted by Wells Fargo. The featured speaker was ... well... okay, I won't name names, but he's a very popular speaker in our industry. The program was scheduled from 9:45 - 1:00. I dragged a friend of mine with me - who happens to have been an internatio...
For Sale signs are cute, but they don't pay the bills. Gone are the days where having a listing was pretty much a guarantee of an eventual paycheck; in fact, in today's market, a listing may very well be more of a liability than an asset... if it's not priced right. The first challenge in pricing...
Because I teach real estate agents how build a business based on their Sphere of Influence (SOI = the people they know and the people they meet) as opposed to marketing-to-strangers, I'm often approached by new or newer lenders asking how they can successfully persuade US (the REALTOR community) ...
Why do we put such stock in the Average Days on Market (DOM) statistic in our MLS's? I suppose it might be meaningful if YOUR average DOM is much less than the overall DOM, but otherwise, I believe it's a totally meaningless number. If I were to run a market analysis of all the 1920's Bungalows t...

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