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Been doing a little private SOI (Sphere of Influence) tutoring with some local Denver agents. Yesterday, as I was working with one of my students, she asked me a question that got me thinking (I love that). She asked "So, my goal is to expand my Sphere of Influence database to a certain number by...
As about 1,000 of you know, last month we held an online teleconference called "Pricing it Right with a Persuasive CMA" that by all accounts - was a fabulous show. So, as promised, we're getting together again to further discuss the Art of the CMA - this time answering the questions we didn't get...
What a deal! You can bring 47 world-renowned industry speakers (okay, some of us may not be as-renowned as others) into your home all this week - day or night! A bit less expensive than attending a live convention - it costs $1 for full access to the virtual convention hall; $0 for slightly limit...
First, allow me to say that I have no children, never have, never will. I'm far too selfish with my time, so I'm in awe of all of y'all who so unselfishly devote your lives to your kiddos, and of course, I'm terribly grateful to my wonderful mother who did that for me. Okay... enough sappiness fo...
Many many moons ago, when I was still in Corporate America, I remember a young woman in my office complaining "it wasn't fair" that in order to reach the boardroom (i.e. be the CEO or president of the company), you had to be willing to work ungawdly hours and pretty much abandon your family. "It'...
CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE! A whole house in the heart of Highlands for $215,000? YOWSA! Not only that, but it's also slightly famous! Featured on Channel 4 News' "Beating the Recession" Series Everyone wants to live in Highlands, but even with the economic chaos going on all around us, this D...
A few months ago, I was in Panama City Beach, Florida and saw this billboard. I looked twice... and a third time... and then snapped a picture. Okay, call me cynical, but is THIS an effective message to send to potential clients? When I see the word "Top Producer" I think of someone in a blue su...
Okay, I can admit it. I don't know much about short sales. I know more than I did six months ago because I listed one (that never sold even though I had an offer) and I wrote an offer on a short sale a few weeks ago (to which the agent hasn't responded - sheesh). In the Good Old Days, I proudly p...
"Dear Jennifer, I've been reading your blogs about SOI and my heart is sinking. I think I've blown it with my Sphere of Influence by constantly asking them for business and referrals. Is there a way I can redeem myself with my friends, or do I have to go make all new ones? Bill" I get this questi...
"Dear Jennifer, Got up this morning and saw that my daughter's best friend's parents listed with someone else! They've been on my mailing list and their daughter and my daughter have been best friends since grade school. I'm crushed. Should I continue to send them things or take them off my list?...

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