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Glad you stuck with me through the Monkey Series! You made it all the way to the punch line. In case you just stumbled onto this series, you should probably read it from the beginning - starting here. Or not. Your call. It's really easy for Old Fogie types (like me) to confidently proclaim that W...
What's the Number One Thing "they" say that homesellers complain about? All together now... Communication (or lack thereof) from their agent. And, having been on the other side of the For Sale sign a time or two, I can certainly second that emotion. But "communication" isn't just about calling e...
If the brochure box is empty... they notice If their brochures still show the original price after two reductions... they notice If their agent hasn't done in an Open House in six months (or ever)... they notice If no feedback cometh after showings... they notice If there haven't been any showing...
  First, allow me to apologize for dragging this Monkey Series* on too long. I really didn't intend to write more than one or two posts on it, but I just keep thinking of things to say! I was hoping this would be the last one, but I suspect it's not. Hang in there with me, k? I really AM trying ...
Pre-vacation, I wrote a "to be continued" blog about avoiding burnout by refusing to accept responsibility for stuff that isn't your responsibility, specifically in a real estate transaction. I promised to share some ideas for putting this philosophy into place that don't alienate the other part...
I just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas. I'm very tan. Even though I was sternly warned that I would not work on vacation, I couldn't help but notice all sorts of analogies between my cruising experience and the wonderful world of real estate sales. Ahhh, the curse of the obsessive blogger....
Thanks for joining me for this little series on what you can do TODAY to ensure a Happy Next Year! The final installment is my favorite one - The Very BEST Way to Fill Up Your Pipeline. Any guesses as to what it might be? Below is a blog I wrote on the subject sometime last year, so in the intere...
Quick announcement before I head to waters bluer (Bahamas, here I come!)... On Saturday morning, October 10th, I'm hosting a teleseminar with four newly NON-rookie real estate agents in their 2nd & 3rd years, who obviously did NOT become first-year statistics. They're doing quite well, thank you...
You didn't think I'd forget about your Sphere of Influence (SOI) in my Pipeline 2010 series didja'? Of course not... If you've followed my blog at all, you might have noticed that I'm a big fan of an SOI business model, as long as it doesn't include any begging, bribing or pestering those Very Im...
The other day I had a three-way conversation with two agents who are in the middle of career crises. Both are trying to decide whether to stay or go, interestingly, for opposite reasons. AgentFriend1 has too much business and is burning out and AgentFriend2, well, doesn't. Have too much business,...

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