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For those who haven't encountered a "listing exclusion" yet, it's simply a request from a seller that if a certain person or persons buy the home after it goes on the market, your listing commission won't apply. For example, perhaps the seller knows a guy at work who says he'd be interested in pu...
Okay, since you're back from a splendid (rainy?) holiday weekend, here's an easy assignment for you to ease back into the groove. Send yourself an email. If you use an auto-signature, check it out. If there's a link, does it work? Seriously, lots of ‘em don't. Is your contact information up-to-da...
I'm sure you've heard the infamous ABC's of sales from the scene in Glengarry Glen Ross - when Alec Baldwin is slamming the sales force with a string of memorable quotes starting with "Put down that coffee - coffee is for closers ," followed by "Get them to sign on the line which is dotted !" He ...
Well, duh, you say. But you'd never know it with all the fuss over whatever latest & greatest way there is for us to all bore each to death with announcements of listings stay in touch. As I wrote last month, I've even been told that "If I don't Twitter, I'll fail." (as a real estate agent? As a ...
Every have one of those days (or holiday weekends) where technology is not your friend? I'm kinda stuck at home for the Memorial Day weekend and it's pouring down rain anyway, so I figured - what the heck? I'll attack some of these techie projects I've been putting off. Sounds fun. Ugh. So, I tr...
It's going to be a wonderful summer in SellwithSoul Land - lots of fun stuff happening! First, I've put together a series of teleseminars (some free, some not-so-free) on a wide variety of soulful topics of interest. If you're already on my mailing list, you'll be notified of each as they come u...
Last week, we kicked off the Summer of Soul Seminar Series with a panel discussion on how to maintain your sanity running a household AND a real estate business. It was a wonderful show and I'm deeply indebted to my guest speakers for their participation. Erica Ramus, Loreena Yeo, Nishika Jones,...
Got a great question from a reader yesterday! NH writes: Dear Jennifer, What do you do when your spouse doesn't get the SWS* [Sell with Soul] concept? My husband is a born salesman if you know what I mean. He has no problem striking up a conversation with anyone, in fact I get some leads from him...
Lookin' to interview some Active Rainers who run or work under an Alternative Business Model structure in their practice of real estate. What's an Alternative Business Model? You tell me! I'm open to any and all non-traditional methods of running a real estate business. Flat-fee, MLS-only, exclus...
Wow - I haven't been around here much! I have plenty of (good) excuses... I moved across the country and have suddenly been inundated with requests for training proposals (woo hoo!). Anyway, one of my projects for the next week is to schedule my Summer of Soul Seminar Series (am I clever, or wha...

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