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Thanks, AR, for the  Gold Star yesterday on my blog entitled "Should You Price to Ward Off Appraisal Problems?" I didn't intend for the blog to generate a war between agents and appraisers, but sometimes these things take on a life of their own. Okay, well, "war" is a bit strong, but we did have ...
Sellers want more for their homes than the market is likely to pay. That's a fact; it's been a fact forever, during boom times and busts, and will continue to be a fact long after the Recession of 2009 is behind us. Nothing wrong with it; it's human nature and we're all guilty of putting a higher...
Didja guess? Uh, yeah, it's me. Oh, sure, there are lots of other people speaking at the convention, too, but I'll share a secret with you. I'm not as excited about them as I am about ME! My topic? Surprise surprise! "Selling to Your Sphere of Influence," which, by the way, is approved for CE Cre...
Um, what exactly is an "Alternative Business Model?" Glad you asked. Depending on whom you speak with, there is or is not such thing as an "alternative business model" (or ABM for short). Because real estate commissions and policies are negotiable and not set by law, one might be of the opinion t...
No, I'm not saying you're in any danger by using an autoresponder... at least, not (to quote Jack Nicholson) "grave danger, is there any other kind?" But you are definitely in danger of running off perfectly good clients, prospects and referring agents. I send out newsletters every week or so to ...
Yesterday, I found a folder deep in one of my dusty file boxes of all my real estate agent photos thru the years. Remember, Old Fogies, how when you used to have to get physical copies of your photos to send in with your business card orders? Anyway, I found a bunch of them. Call me narcissistic,...
I just heard that my Get-More-Business interview with Jason Sanders from earlier this week is on iTunes! Not being an iTuner, I'm not sure exactly what that means... but I'll take my friend's word for it that it's a cool thing. Here's where you find it... I think it went pretty well. Other stuff ...
Been talking a lot about the Introverted Salesperson/Real Estate Agent experience lately - at least, here on Active Rain - so I guess I should say I've been writing a lot about it. This Wednesday morning, I'll get to TALK about it on live radio! While I've done lots of radio interviews before, I'...
That's the response my first-month real estate agent friend got from her Big Name broker when she emailed to say she had a $1.5M buyer lead.  "Good for you, let me know if you need anything." Are you kidding me? My friend, smart as she is ;-] can barely spell MLS. She doesn't know what radon is, ...
Picking up from Wednesday's blog about how introverts (and other Reluctant Networkers) can and should make more friends to sell houses to, here are some thoughts on how to go about doing that. And trust me, you'll find no nonsense here about accosting every stranger with a business card or elevat...

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