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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!



So, you work in a resort community where most of the buyers and sellers live somewhere else. It's not likely you'll run into them at the grocery store or local coffee shop, and they probably won't be having a housewarming party you can finagle an invitation to (or even offer to host!). And unles...
Okay, I've heard it all. I have a friend who just started selling real estate. She hired on with a Big Name company that promises lotsa training. So far, my friend is underwhelmed, but the other night she called me almost hysterical. My friend can't get anyone to help her role-play writing an of...
I, like you, am really into immediate gratification. I like to see a payoff for my efforts, like, five minutes from now, or else I get discouraged and don't wanna play anymore. Faxes are too slow. The microwave takes too long. I want it NOW (whatever "it" is that I want... right now). When it com...
Last year (or the year before? Egads), I wrote a blog called "Always extend your hand first" which encouraged the more introverted among us to always initiate the handshake instead of waiting for the other person to do it. Why? Because if the other person doesn't do it, and no handshake ensues, ...
I really wanna enjoy Facebook. I do enjoy the banter back and forth with friends, old & new. I like getting positive comments on my periodic postings of silly updates. I love posting pictures from high school and giving my old friends something to be nostalgic about. I love seeing real-world, no...
Here's the dilemma. Sally Jo has a short sale listing. It's a marketable property, except for the fact that it has a first and a second mortgage and is around $50,000 upside down. Oh, and one of the lenders is Bank of America, who, rumor has it, is among the worst banks to work with on short sale...
If you're on my mailing list, you got an email from me over the weekend describing the uninvited sleeping guests I discovered in my Panama City Beach hotel room bed. If you missed it... here's what I wrote: Dear SWS'ers,   Okay, I'm supposed to be on vacation. Nothing major, just a few days at th...
For the low, low price of just $49, you, yes, you can have 12 hours of brilliant real estate discussions, interviews and seminars delivered in .mp3 audio format that can be easily burned to CDs and keep you entertained on your August road trip vacation. Or, just on your day-to-day wanderings 'ro...

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