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Like most of you, I talk to other real estate agents on the phone pretty regularly. Some in the course of my real estate business, some in the course of my writing, training & speaking career. And I tell ya - there are a lot of unfriendly voices out there. Within an hour the other day I spoke wit...
As many of you know, I'm hosting a free teleseminar this Wednesday on the topic of negotiating commissions. You can register for it here. As agents are registering for the show, they're asking me lots of questions about their individual situations, which I don't mind at all! Keep ‘em coming! I go...
A few weeks ago, my trainee came into my office all flustered. He'd been out with his buyers over the weekend and felt that he'd made a fool of himself by not being able to intelligently answer his buyers' questions. It almost sounded as if he was ready to throw in the towel - at least until he k...
Here we are - the second-to-last installment of the Confident Rookie Series! A lot of new agents worry about being taken advantage of by experienced agents, if the experienced agent were to find out that they're new.  So the obvious solution is to pretend that they aren't new, right? Unfortunate...
Taking a little break from the Confident Rookie Series (which shall return tomorrow)... A lot of agents I'm talking to are seeing a glimmer of hope - that is - they're busy! The phone is ringing! The email's jangling! Listing contracts are being signed and buyers are getting approved! Woo hoo! I ...
Most new agents are terrified about the prospect of discussing their commission with a potential seller. If this is the case for you, you're going to need to be 100% comfortable with the commission fee you're going to propose. If you aren't, you're dead meat. If you have concerns that you're ove...
New agents are always nervous before their first listing appointment. Probably before their second, third, tenth & twelve, too. It does get easier, I promise, but here are some tips for getting through those nerve-wracking firsts... My absolute best advice to first-time listing appointment-ers is...
I wish I could take credit for this, but... sigh... I can't. My friend Kelle Sparta (author of The Consultative Real Estate Agent) invited me to participate in a cyber open house of sorts where several real estate trainers will be holding online seminars during the week of April 20th - all for fr...
One of the very first things I advise rookie agents to do - well, at least in their first few months - is to find a handyman. A good handyman will save your backside and your commission over and over again and make you look good. I don't know how any real estate agent functions without a handyman...
Regular readers of my blog know how I feel about wasting time. I'm all for it! Especially for rookies. This is one of the main reasons I'm opposed to rookies jumping into the biz only half-way (that is, part time) - when you have to carefully guard your time, you can't risk wasting any of it... a...

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