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Most prospecting training is focused on... FOCUSING. Laser-focused prospecting. Doing "it" for three hours a day, whatever "it" is, no interruptions, no excuses. Do "it" until you reach your goal of so many contacts, so many appointments, whatever. Lather, rinse, repeat. Every day. And eventuall...
As it happens every year ‘round this time, New Year's resolutions are being made with a vengeance. In our world of real estate sales, these resolutions tend to focus on revving up one's prospecting efforts in hopes of having a Great New Year. Promises to more fully commit to a cold-calling or do...
A long time ago (last week? The week before?), I promised to continue a little series I was running about Turning Cheese into Soul - that is - taking yesterday's tired old prospecting techniques and making them less, um, cheesy. Well, I got a little distracted, but it's been driving me NUTS to ha...
The live show is over - but here's a link to it. I had a great time; hope the audience did, too... there's some good stuff here if I do say so me-self. Thanks Jon!   Hey, if you have a minute (okay, an hour) in the middle of the day today (12:30 eastern), please consider tuning in for my intervie...
After a week away (thank you Robin!), I'm back in the saddle, talking about turning Prospecting Cheese into Soul... Today's topic is the non-cheesy Open House. First, allow me to pontificate for a moment that I believe the first priority of any open-house-giver is to attempt to sell that house. ...
Hope you were able to join us last weekend for the second Rookie-to-Rookie show at SellwithSoulLand... it was fun! In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I held a free Teleseminar on Saturday where three newly-non-rookies (thanks Erin Deric, Kate Huntress and Melissa Brown!) shared the...
If you're reading this earlier than 8:30 am (pacific) / 11:30 am (eastern) on Saturday, December 5th, you still have time to join us for the second Rookie-to-Rookie Show at SWSLand. It's freeeeeeee. Here's the scoop: So much going on, so much to do. But just because the holiday season is upon us ...
The other day I got a very timely question from my cyber-friend Ron, considering this week's Cheese-to-Soul series. Ron asked if I knew of a source for good real estate-related newsletter content that would be "meaningful" to his Sphere of Influence (his "SOI"). He's frustrated by the material av...
In yesterday's installment of the Cheese to Soul series,  I commented that I might have half a dozen posts in me about how to create an effective newsletter. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that might actually be true. We'll see how far I get today. Remember, the goal of a newsletter is to make th...
Next up on the list of ways to turn Prospecting Cheese into Soul... the ever-popular Newletter! If you've missed the first two installments, you can catch them here: Turning Cheese into Soul  FSBO's & Expireds  I probably have enough opinions on the topic of Newsletters to fill up half a dozen bl...

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