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Related to yesterday's installment about previewing, today's Confident Rookie Secret is to ALWAYS drive your route before meeting with a buyer. It's mortifying to get lost with a buyer in the car and even worse if they're following behind you. Unless you're showing in a neighborhood you know inti...
Moving on from yesterday's rant, here's the third Secret to Being a Confident Rookie - Preview, Preview, Preview!! Before you go out with a buyer for the first time, preview every single house you're considering showing him or her. I promise you, you'll rule out more than half of them and will be...
(My opinion will be glaringly apparent in about 10 seconds). I'm horrified on a daily basis by the emphasis in our industry on PROSPECTING PROSPECTING PROSPECTING! Anyone who reads my blog already knows that, but here I am again with my jaw dropped to the floor at some recent comments on another ...
Picking up from yesterday's blog about how important it for rookies to Master Their Systems before they need them; today I'll add just a little bit more to that project. Practice with Your Printer. This may sound silly, but when you're writing an offer for a buyer, it's nerve-wracking if you can'...
How comfy are you with your systems? Specifically, your MLS and your contract software? For me, if I'm not proficient with my tools of my trade, it's easy for me to shy away from using them. Well, in OUR trade, shying away from using the MLS or your contract software is pretty much fatal to your ...
Last August I held a 3-hour workshop in Denver called "The Confident Rookie - Ten Secrets to Looking as if You've Done this Before!" Fun time, good crowd. For whatever reason, my inbox & forum have been flooded lately with questions from new and newer agents on many of the topics I covered in thi...
(excerpted from the not-yet-titled sequel to Sell with Soul coming... sometime!) ... Before I tell you all about how to select the right homes to show your buyer, let me put your mind at ease about something. Do some of your buyers seem to be doing most of the legwork finding the houses they want...

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