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Ahhhh, music to a real estate agent's ears... "Can I have one of your business cards?" Or even better, "Do you have time to work with me?"Regular readers of my blog know that I vehemently advise against accosting people you meet with your elevator speech or pushing your business card at every poo...
As my loyal readers know (my, that sounds pretentious, doesn't it?), I recently re-entered the Wonderful World of Real Estate Sales, after two years away on a sabbatical WRITING about the Wonderful World of Real Estate Sales. My re-entry into the biz was prompted by a number of factors, one of wh...
I love lists. I love lists. Checking an item off a to-do list gives me a rush. Always has. As a result, I'm pretty darn efficient. If something gets on my list, it gets done. I've always patted myself on the back for my organization skills and my ability to get lots of stuff done in a timely mann...
An agent friend of mine is in a quandary. In a nut, my dear friend is under the gun from her broker to produce at least one listing and one buyer sale every month. Here it is March 26th, and she has no listing prospect in sight. What to do, What to do?  Traditional wisdom would have her knocking ...
 Last May, I found seven puppies playing in the highway in Lower Alabama. Gathered them up, took them home and fell in love. Called them the Alabama Miracle Puppies. At the time, the vet said they were around 8 weeks old, so that put their date of birth at March 24, 2007. So.... Happy Birthday Pu...
  I've never had much (any?) luck with mass-advertising (newspapers, bus benches, SEO), at least, not that I could tell. One year I took out over $20,000 worth of newspaper ads which resulted in, get this, ZERO phone calls. Enough of that nonsense. However, I'm starting to think about the effecti...
We real estate agents love our systems, don't we? If we can purchase a product that will help us streamline our prospecting efforts, we're all for it. Where do I sign??? But... but... but... let me fly in the face of convention here and say... STOP! Stop with all the systems and programs and prod...
In early 2007, I held my first teleseminar entitled "The Seduction of Your SOI." Notice I didn't call the seminar "Successfully Marketing to Your SOI"or "Mastering the Art of SOI‑Marketing." In fact, I refuse to even use the term "marketing" in conjunction with the concept of pursuing business fr...
As many of you know, I've reactivated my real estate license after two years away. Go, me. You may also know that I'm going to do it publicly, sort of. For over a year now, I've been blogging obsessively about the virtues of running a business based on the personal relationships in your life, rat...

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