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I was listening to a Dave Ramsey podcast today and he was preaching about NOT whining - just get out there and get the job done - don't participate in the "bad economy," etc. etc. etc.  Good stuff. I agree 100%. Then he said something that really caught my attention - he said that if you're in sa...
I actually wrote this blog a year ago as I was preparing to leave for Las Vegas. I didn't post it for some reason, but stumbled across it today - and it's relevant to those of you traveling to Orlando in a few weeks!  WRITTEN OCTOBER 2007Last May, I was convinced by someone I used to like (just k...
As promised, here's the follow up to my blog yesterday entitled "Is SOI Enough in Today's Market?" Yes and No. No, traditional "SOI" where you  simply let all your friends know you sell real estate and then send them off into the world to be your marketing department is definitely not enough. Why...
First, allow me to apologize for using that tired phrase "Today's Market." Real estate is most certainly local, so "Today's Market" in Denver is much different from Today's Market in Detroit, Dallas or Des Moines. I get that. But, for the sake of argument (or discussion), let's just assume that i...
I'm an ego-maniac, I can admit. Always have been. I wanna be the best, the highest, the most. If there's a scoreboard somewhere, my goal is to see my name at the top of it for everyone to admire... or even be a bit jealous of. Sorry, but that's the truth. (There's something liberating about hitti...
Okay, this is a vent... I have a rental house in Alabama. The tenant hasn't paid her rent since August (she moved in the first of June). On top of unpaid rent, she owes me about $700 for the utilities she didn't put in her name and part of the deposit. So, at this point, she's in the hole to me f...
Hey Brokers & Trainers ... I'm putting one of my most popular products on a huge special for volume purchasers... Dorky Announcement Letters - DEDorked is a guide to writing effective (as in, NOT dorky) SOI* announcement or reconnection letters. By not-dorky, I mean that the letter will be intere...
WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA THAT THE BEST WAY TO GENERATE BUSINESS AND REFERRALS FROM YOUR FRIENDS IS TO PESTER THEM TO DEATH? If traditional approaches to relationship marketing leave you cold, you'll want to hear what Jennifer Allan has to say on the matter. Yes, you CAN succeed with a refer...
What is so difficult about this concept? Why on earth would any real estate agent or mortgage broker EVER use their office email server (e.g. or - misspellings intentional) to communicate with their clients, prospects and sphere of influence? Last yea...

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