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Last week, I released the newest Sell with Soul product - I affectionately call it The Outrageously Effective Listing Agent - it's a package of tools created by moi to help real estate agents GET good, sellable listings and then turn those FOR SALE signs into paychecks. Whaddya' know, I followed ...
Want to build a raving fan base that will support your business for years to come? It's SO easy - way easier than cold-calling, door-knocking or farming and a heck of a lot cheaper. All you gotta do is look for opportunities to impress the heck out of those who have the potential to be your futu...
Thanks so much for all your responses yesterday to my blog entitled "Does arguing with clients sound like a good idea?" As promised, here's my take. Our clients are intelligent human beings, capable of making their own decisions. Okay, so maybe some might be more capable than others, but all dese...
On Saturday morning, May 3rd, shy little me will co-host a teleconference workshop/seminar with my friend, Borino, founder of Expired Plus. What on earth am I, the queen of SOI* doing hanging out with a guy who does expired listings? Good question - glad you asked! While I never pursued expired l...
I must be honest - getting fan mail from loyal readers is my very favorite thing about being a writer. I wake up every morning to several emails from people who have read my blog or my books and just want to say thanks. To all of you who write ... I hope you know how much your notes touch my hear...
If you haven't been following this series, the following blog may seem kind silly, just FYI! Reason One: It will make your seller happy Reason Two: You'll gather feedback from the public Reason Three: You'll become more familiar with your listing And Reason Number Four... You might sell the house...
Earlier this week, I started this little series on Why You Should Do at least One Open House (on your own listings) even if you think they're a "waste of time." Why? Because... It will make your seller happy You'll gather feedback from the public And... today's topic: You'll Become More Familiar ...
Yesterday, I promised to chat some more about why an agent should hold his or her listings open, at least once. Something I didn't mention was that I'm only talking about YOUR own listings - not listings of other agents, although that's fine to do if you like (and I will talk more about this in a...
Do you think Open Houses are a waste of time? The verdict is divided on this - some agents swear by them, others refuse to even consider doing them. Well, I'm going to do my best to encourage you to do an Open House for each and every one of your listings - at least once. So... here we go: Why Yo...
Geographic farming is a popular prospecting method where real estate agents choose a particular neighborhood in which to, shall we say, make their presence known. Typical farming activities include the mailing of postcards, the walking of streets and the painting of bus benches. The goal is to be...

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