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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!



Have you ever noticed (or is it just me) that the people you actually "market" to aren't the ones who actually respond? In my worlds (‘ritin' and real estate), I find that the bulk of my business comes from those who have not received any direct sales pitch from me. Either I'm a lousy sales-pitch...
How old are you now - 25? 32? 47? 65? It doesn't really matter; I'll assume that if you're reading Active Rain blogs, you're old enough. Old enough for what? Well, to know WHO you are, WHAT you like to do, WHERE you like to do it, and HOW often, right? In other words, you ARE who you ARE and you'...
A few days ago, one of my articles was featured at Realty Times. It was one I wrote for Ricardo Bueno's Blog Project - "Building a Community Around Your Blog." The title of my article was "Successful Blogging for Real Estate Agents - Don't be DORKY!" I was rather proud of it; thought it was well-...
"Can a new agent make it in today's real estate market?" This question has been asked and answered hundreds of times throughout Cyberland... both here at Active Rain and on other real estate forums. Here are my thoughts... I tend to be a Positive Attitude kinda gal - but not in the sense that all...
Just in case you're hanging around your computer in the middle of the day and feel like hearing my voice for 20 minutes or so... I'll be interviewed by on Lisa and Nancy of Southwest Blend Magazine about Selling with Soul.
Last week, at 41, I had a "first time." Well, sorta.  I did my first official live & in person training class for real estate agents. Oh, I've done lots of training classes for real estate agents... online and on the phone. I've also done lots of public speaking ... about health insurance (my pas...
One of my very favorite Active Rainers has a dilemma... she asked me to ask you to help her... under a veil of anonymity, 'cause, well, y'know... So... here's the situation. Thoughts? "Currently my license is placed with a brokerage that takes 50% of my commission. When I signed up, this didn't b...
... to reach, that is. In my book, I talk about how important it is for a real estate agent to be reasonably easy to reach, especially in the early years when he or she is building a client database. I've always been very accessible to clients and prospects, perhaps too much so at times, much to ...
I recently wrote a blog called "Hang in There, Rookies! It Gets Easier, I promise! which was about how once you get a few SPC's (satisfied past clients) under your belt, this job really does get easier - the bringing-in-business part of it anyway. SPC's are by far the best source of business in o...
I have a friend who recently got her real estate license and dutifully went out looking for her Very First Broker. She found The One and excitedly signed on. She was promised all sorts of training and support and mentoring... yee haw! Well... fast forward two weeks and my friend is ... shall we s...


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