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First, I want to thank Loreena Yeo for her early morning birthday wish to me. What a doll(face). Tee hee (inside joke).  I have a quiet birthday for myself planned... or not planned as the case may be. I'm attending a 3-hour training session at RE/MAX to learn all about the revised Colorado real ...
I'm getting ready to publish the 2nd edition of Sell with Soul. It's all very exciting. But, but, but...The first go-round, I subcontracted most of the work of publishing out to a company who specializes in such things. They did a lousy job and I won't be using them again. This time, being the co...
A major fear of beginning an SOI* Seduction campaign is that your targets (that is, the people who know you) will see right through your attempts at friendship and know that you're trying to "seduce" them. So, let's talk about Seduction for a moment. Even when I'm aware I'm being seduced, I certa...
Okay, rumor has it that the real estate market is in a slump. Is it true? S'pose so, everyone says it is. I've been previewing my little heart out here in Charming Old Denver, catching back up on the market since my return to the trenches. I gotta tell ya, if YOUR market is anything like MY marke...
I just moved to Denver and apparently something about that activity has opened up the floodgates for cold calls. One company calls me 6 times a day, at least according to my caller ID. I've had 7 calls for security systems ("this is not a sales call - we're doing a promotion in your area!"), 4 fo...
One of my readers asked the question "How do you build loyalty with your customers or potential customers?" Interesting question. I don't. I don't want anyone's "loyalty." Oh, sure I'll take it, but to me, the word "loyalty" is on the same playing field as "obligation" which as I've said before i...
My SOI* has always been around 300 warm bodies, which is more than enough to get plenty of business and referrals without much outside effort on my part. However, as many of you know, I'm getting ready to launch a major SOI Reconnection Campaign, so I'm looking closer at my contact database as pa...
(This blog is written in the present tense, but it actually happened a few weeks ago. I decided against posting it until the situation was resolved to avoid any unnecessary angst while the movers still had my stuff!) January 24, 2008I've got the moving blues. It's not as if I expected moving acro...
I'm pretty darn good at SOI'ing - that is - staying in touch with the people I know so that they remember who the heck I am and why they might want to think of my name when the topic of real estate comes up. My SOI enthusiastically supported me in my rookie year and throughout my real estate care...

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