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Two nights ago, I did a presentation for a local Exit real estate company on Prospecting without a Sales Pitch. When I got to the part about why I think it’s more important to be a good real estate agent than to be a good real estate prospector, a hand went up in the back of the room. “What exact...
I've been writing for a few years now on tips, techniques and strategies to build and maintain a strong sphere of influence business model.  Marketing to Your SOI? Don't You Dare! The Seduction of Your SOI: How Trying to Get Business is Kinda Like Trying to Get... uh... Rely on my SOI? I don't kn...
Writing the book was the easy part...It's all the details to manage after you've PUT your words on paper until you SEE those words on paper where you really earn your money. (Kinda like GETTING a listing is only the first step toward SEEING a paycheck from that listing!) But... it's DONE and out ...
  I learn a lot at nail shops. Weird, I know, but every time I get my toenails polished, I come away with a new revelation or epiphany. Must be some way to claim my mani’s/pedi’s as a tax deduction. So, yesterday, I had about 45 minutes to kill before my next appointment. I needed a manicure and ...
I'm so sick of hearing how real estate agents can't afford to work with buyers anymore - UNLESS that buyer has signed a buyer agency agreement AND has an iron-clad loan commitment in hand - because of the high cost of gas. What a crock. Okay, let's do a little analysis. Over the last several year...
I got a facial the other day. Some fancy schmantzy European Spa Facial with a massage. Yummy. It was really good. And, I swear, I look ten years younger. So, I'm lying there trying to enjoy being cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized and massaged. Yet, I'm tense. I'm waiting for the ... facial-ist(?)...
I have an SOI Business Plan (that is, a plan for how often I contact the people I know) that includes a couple of personal phone calls every week. Before I continue, let me stress that I never ever ever attempt to prospect to my SOI during these calls - I'd hate to train the people I know to "let...
My wrist hurts. My arm is numb from the shoulder down. My chiropractor tells me it's from typing too much. That sounds reasonable. I type A LOT. Coincidently, I'm going on a little vacation tomorrow - heading back to Alabama to smell my just-getting-ready-to-bloom gardenias, do a little river fis...
For almost twelve years, I've run a nearly 100% SOI business - that is - most of my clients have come from the people I know, the people they know, or the people I meet. In other words, I've done very little formal lead generation with the goal of attracting the attention of strangers.  It's work...
Y’know, it’s tough being a listing agent. No matter how good of a job you do, the margin for error is huge. If you sell the house too fast… you blew it on the price and “cost your seller money.” If the house takes too long to sell… well, we all know what happens then. We didn’t live up to our pro...

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