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  As the leaves are starting to transform into their Autumn pigments, the realization sets in that soon the trees will be bare and that the grayness of Winter will descend upon us. But the cycle of life does not end with the annual disrobing of the deciduous flora. The trees are just going to sle...
There is no greater demonstration of optimism than a wedding. We celebrate together as a man and woman make a commitment to each other to cease pursuing their separate interests, and to bind themselves as one. What was once a “couple” is now a “family!” It’s a magical transformation that brings ...
Real estate sales is a vocation that at times can be either very fulfilling or extremely frustrating. And during this historic market correction, it is much more often the latter rather than the former. And while we may have the purest of intentions when it comes to serving our clients, very oft...
From crevice seeps an ice cold dripThat trickles swift to rivuletThen tumbles crashing down its trackO’er rock, through sluice, down cataractTo quiet pools in lands below Old Smokey’s deep and dark shadow.                          (R. Weisser 2010) There is nothing quite like sitting beside a rus...
When I obtained my Georgia real estate license in 1984, the continuing educational requirements were quite simple. A few post-license course and six hours a year were all that was required to maintain a license and sell real estate. And while the Georgia legal minimum educational requirement to ...
Scalloped wings aflutter on pillowed wisps.In acrobatic flips and twists adriftUnfettered, free to soar aloft‘Til calm prevails o’er Autumn’s waftsAnd flight succumbs to Newton’s strainsNew carpet on the floor is lain!                            (R. Weisser 2010) It’s October, and it’s time for ...
  By now you have heard about the technical paperwork violations that have occurred on thousands of foreclosures across the nation. As a result, many lenders have put a moratorium on any further foreclosures until all of this mess is sorted out. But is that ultimately a good thing for either the ...
  After a record-breaking hot summer that extended deep into September, we are finally enjoying some cooler temperatures here in the Newnan Georgia area. When the fall weather is cool, crisp, and clear, there is a compelling desire to get outdoors and enjoy the near perfect conditions. And like s...
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is situated on the spine of the Southern Appalachians, and receives an average of eighty-five inches of rain per year in the higher elevations. This abundance of moisture not only supports an incredible diversity of plant and animal life, but also provides...
  I guess that up until now I had been looking at this backwards. I considered those pesky sales calls that we all get at the most inopportune time to be a nuisance. But I have had an epiphany. I now consider these solicitations to be a free educational opportunity. After all, many of these calle...

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