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  The 2010 Memorial Day activities in Senoia Georgia were deemed a rousing success by those that attended. The crowds were large, as Mother Nature allowed a break from the rain for just the right amount of time to complete the schedule of events. The main event was the Memorial Day parade, which ...
Memorial Day is typically regarded as the first day of Summer. For many, it’s the first barbeque of the season, and it is often celebrated with family and friends. It’s the day when swimming pools open, and for planting the last annuals and vegetables before the climate makes it impractical. Man...
One of the advantages of purchasing a Coweta County HUD home for sale is that many buyers qualify for a down payment as low as $100. You must be buying as an owner-occupant, and you must be able to qualify for an FHA loan for the amount of the bid, plus any rolled in expensed such as the 2.25% u...
My friend Michael Thornton asked about the difference in A Picture or a Photograph... and I thought enough about the question to add my two cents worth. The difference between a picture, or snapshot, and a photograph lies purely in the intent of the creator. If the image is intended as a mere thu...
  Please don’t let this spoil your Memorial Day weekend. After all, Memorial Day is when we pay tribute to our service men and women that have departed this life, and not the ones that are alive and protecting us now. And if duty calls, and an active serviceman cannot sell his house due to a depr...
After decades of advancements in technology, enlightened legislation and uniform instruments, the condition of real estate as a profession is devolving into a free-for-all and it is becoming a scenario of every man or woman for themselves. Part of the problem is initiated at the hands of some in...
Many buyers are afraid of purchasing real estate in today’s volatile market because they fear the investment may not be sound. And while all investments carry some associated risks, real estate is different because you have to live somewhere anyway. In addition to being an asset in the portfolio...
Are you looking for a Peachtree City Georgia condo for sale?  Many buyers wanting to benefit from all of the amenities that Peachtree City has to offer but don’t want to deal with exterior maintenance may wish to consider a condominium unit instead of a freestanding house. Peachtree City Georgia...
  There is an ever-increasing segment of the population that has no concept of what life was life before the advent of the Internet. And my guess is that about half of the people in business today have never worked in an Internet-less environment. They have never heard the words “Mimeograph” or “...
The current real estate market in Newnan and Coweta Georgia is dominated by foreclosures and bank-owned properties. And although there are foreclosures in nearly every price range, the hottest market continues to be houses under $150,000. If a property is listed under $100,000. there is even mor...

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