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  This happens more and more frequently these days. A homeowner finds themselves in desperate straights and attempts to sell their house. There are no offers, and the listing expires. The homeowner abandons the property, assuming imminent foreclosure and yet the property just sits there, vacant a...
Despite the dourest predictions to the contrary, America has not devolved into a state of either anarchy or poverty. And although we have experienced some unprecedented corrections in many market sectors, there is still food on the table and a relative calm acceptance of the circumstances by the...
  Depending on which prognosticator you believe, the country is either in the process of emerging from an economic downturn, or alternatively, it is plummeting deeper and deeper towards depression. But regardless of who is right and who is wrong, a business does not have the luxury of waiting for...
  I was looking for some photographs for my blog yesterday. I began to go through some of my archives when I was reminded of a startling reality. I am nearly three years behind in processing my photographs. By processing, I mean sorting them and resizing them to a resolution suitable for a blog p...
The question that I am asked most often about the Great Smoky Mountains Nation Park is: When will the Autumn eaves be at their peak color? There is no easy answer because there are many factors that affect fall leaf color in the Great Smoky Mountains Nation Park. Temperature, rainfall, sunlight,...
I’ve had a little bug for the last week or so that has really slowed my down. And although I have attempted a medical solution, apparently this malady has to “run its course.” And since I haven’t been operating at 100%, I’ve had a little more time to think, and reflect, and to look towards the f...
The tone of the call from the attorney’s office was near panic: "Can you PLEASE have your client contact us right away?" I would love to do just that. Unfortunately, the buyer has stopped all forms of communication with us. They will not answer our calls, nor will they respond to our emails or t...
  Lately I have been reflecting quite a bit on the past. In some cases, I am trying to refresh my memory before the images of years gone by simply fade away into obscurity. And while seeking my way during my life’s journey, I have taken some turns off the path of the straight and narrow  and have...
Every buyer is different. And every buyer has different needs, wants, and expectations when it comes to purchasing real estate. So when it’s time to write an offer, it is very important to craft a strategy that addresses each client’s individual preferences. The first question I ask the buyer be...
The Coweta County Fair returns to the fairgrounds on September 30, 2010. The annual event is one of the most popular attractions in the Newnan area and features everything from agricultural contest to an exciting midway with carnival rides and games. The fair will continue through October 9, wit...

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