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  I have been using personal computers since their inception back in the late 1970’s. And the technology of today compared to that of those “pioneer” days of yesteryear is beyond astounding! But as computers became more and more interconnected, the opportunities for system subterfuge exponentiall...
Hoarding seems to have become a hot topic these days. Television coverage of the phenomenon has led to an open discussion of the disorder. Some people are just unable to throw anything away. And while my better half might suggest I suffer from a touch of the malady, I definitely suffer from it w...
We all have our reasons for residing in our little “neck of the woods.” And the answers are as diverse as the life experiences of each resident. There are a few that have lived in the same house all of there lives. Born and raised and producing new generations whose destinies are intertwined wit...
Real estate is cyclical. There is no doubt about that. And although today’s buyer’s market is unprecedented, the market will inevitably shift into one in which sellers are in control. Those that have been unable to sell during this down market will be set on vengeance for all of the low-ball off...
Sometimes, it is human nature to second guess ourselves. After all, we have all made mistakes, and hopefully, we have learned from them. But sometimes, NOT following through on a major decision might be an even bigger mistake. Not all choices are wrong, and sometimes the upside potential far exc...
  As many of my readers already know, I play guitar in a band every Friday night. We have a standing engagement at a local watering hole so I guess you could say that we have a steady gig. But there is another kind of gig that may not be as easy to manage. The gigabytes of information that we hav...
  Yesterday was a particularly stressful one for me. It seemed that every phone call or email conveyed a major problem with a deal in process. In addition, two of my dear friends are immersed in life and death personal crises As the pressure builds, and the realization sets in that these there is...
  In this day of multiple addenda, additional disclosures, and mandatory reviews, there has been one interesting side-effect that restores some of my faith in humanity. More often than not, verbal negotiation is employed as a means of expediting acceptance of an offer. And while verbal commitment...
With temperatures in the 90’s and very high humidity, Summer is in full swing in Newnan Georgia. But working in real estate was even hotter today for agents at my office, as the air conditioner cried “uncle” and decided to quit working. And as the temperature rose inside, so did the frenzy of ac...
When a problem is encountered with a product or service and assistance is needed, most companies provide a toll-free number where you can get live customer service. On the surface, this appears to be a good thing. But when a frustrated consumer utilizes the toll-free number,  a few things are le...

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