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There was a time when the MLS was king. Multiple Listing Services fulfilled a specific void in data aggregation and provided a unique source of information that was easily shared by real estate professionals. Each MLS has its own propriety system for the collection and dissemination of data. In s...
Some things should be common sense. If someone tells you that business is slow, or that they are having trouble making ends meet, the best response may NOT be something along the lines of “oh really? I am having my best year ever.” How much better would it be to say something like “I’m doing okay...
The woodpile and the furnace grateAwait the tardy guest waylaid.Is Winter past or only late…Asleep, to stir another day?              (R Weisser 2012)  It seems as if we haven’t has any Winter at all this year here in Newnan Georgia. As a matter of fact, even though it’s still January, the yellow...
Let me state up front that I could not work for me. After doing things my way for so many years I have become somewhat set in my ways. I have always taken pride in the fact that I have the ability to put on so many different hats to get the job done. And I have always been reticent when it comes ...
I remember the first time I ever … Saw a color TV. It was at my great-uncle’s house. I was told that he was very wealthy! Used a touch-tone phone. We all marveled at the fact that we no longer had to “dial” the phone number. Ate my first piece of shrimp. I was eighteen years old. Back in those da...
If I were elected President of the United States the first thing I would do is press Congress into passing a law that would ban all importation of petroleum in ten years. Ten years doesn’t seem like that long of a time. But it was more than enough time to initiate a space program and send men to ...
I am by nature a very curious person. So when there is an occurrence that seems out of the ordinary I naturally want to know WHY! One of the anomalies that I question is the sudden spurt of calls from a particular area in the country or about a subject related to real estate. My first guess is th...
I get calls from potential buyers every day that would like to explore the opportunity of purchasing a home. But the vast majority of these would-be home buyers are not qualified to obtain a loan. Many have either low credit scores, little or no down-payment money, or a combination of both. Somew...
Business is cyclical. Marketing is not! A good marketing plan must be consistently implemented over time to be successful. Too many businesses ignore marketing while they are busy, and then splurge on it during the slow times. But pushing peaks of marketing against the troughs of weak business is...
It’s 2012, prices are down and interest rates are at historic lows. So why in the world are we still writing 30 year mortgages? Thirty year mortgages were popularized during the days of 18% mortgages and inflated home prices. The purpose was to offset the abnormally high cost of borrowing money. ...

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