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We all have been there. We are pressed for time, the pressure is on, and the web page or application is taking forever to load. As we watch the clock tick and our internal thermostats approach the red zone, we chant: “come on, come on, come on” or “not now, not now, not now!” The simple truth is...
Is was an unusually busy weekend with quite a bit of activity. As a result, my Monday is fully scheduled out with housekeeping tasks that need to be completed today. I often wonder what causes the “switch” in business to be thrown from “off” to “on.” If I had to guess, I would say that there are ...
Through shadowed vales and sheltered covesBlue serpents writhe ‘long graveled roadsCold vernal surging streams of blueTo baptize fields with life anew!                        (R Weisser 2012) Climate is as much a part oaf any locale as any other attribute. Weather affects everything from industry...
In Coweta County Georgia, we are starting to see some houses listed as short sales and REO and HUD sales for the SECOND time in the last few years. How did this happen? Did we learn nothing from the past? Have year after year of buyer incentives and continued low down payments completely eroded t...
One of the biggest obstacles I face every day as a real estate broker is potential buyers with excellent credit that do not have available cash for a down payment. And while there are some opportunities for loans with little down, they are few and far between and some are property dependent which...
On purple-painted pavement fleetsThat sail the cities’ churning streetsAnd plunge through swirling, costumed coilsOf marauders bent on sharing the spoils.                             (R Weisser 2012)  The concept of delineating behavior by a self-imposed timeline has always fascinated me. As Fat ...
When I was a young man, I rode the crest of technology. It was an expensive ride. Having the latest and greatest of anything was a very expensive proposition. As I have become older and hopefully wiser, I realize that although the trough arrives a little bit later, it still gets there just as fas...
  The rapid decline in real estate market values seems to have taken mortgage lenders by surprise. After all, who in the world would lend money secured by an asset that will lose so much value in just a few years? Yet institutions have been writing automobile loans for years with full knowledge t...
The current real estate market has caused a paradigm shift in the way buyers think about real estate. The old notion that “more is better” has given way to “less is best.” Buyers simply do not want to put a lot of money into a house during a declining market. Builders in Coweta County Georgia has...
It is human nature to assign blame when things do no go as expected. After all, it is much more comfortable to rationalize a flaw in one’s thinking than it is accept a different reality. But if a house is properly marketed, and has had multiple showings with no offers, the market is speaking loud...

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