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Last night we experienced some intense sheer wind as an offshoot of tropical depression Beryl blasted us after midnight. Most of the vegetable garden blew over but other than that nothing very serious resulted from the roaring blasts. It was more of an inconvenience than a catastrophe. But these ...
I have seen many arguments on both sides of this issue. There are those that claim that technology has set us free from the constraints of a physical workplace. And there are those, like me, that truly believe that technology has created a universal workplace from which there is NO escape. I unde...
The human spirit yearns to wander unfettered through the obstacle course of life. The freedom to determine one’s own destiny is often taken as a given. But there are those that would suppress liberty and deny the right of self-determination. And it is for that reason that it is often necessary to...
As wispy feathered tendrils stirOn windy wafts of steamy air,‘Tis Summer’s showy blooms, a sight!Mimosa fireworks pierce the light!      ( R Weisser 2012)  Although we don’t technically observe the Solstice until June 20, Memorial Day Weekend is often touted as the “official” start of Summer. And...
Among the myriad of myths that persist in the mindset of many is the notion that you must govern your productive efforts to ensure quality. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Ask the largest automakers in the world and they will tell you that their goal is to produce the maximum number of v...
It was a simple lesson learned very quickly. When the client arrived to see properties, the list of twenty homes had already been pared to eight. The other twelve were already under contract or pending approval. Ot the eight remaining listings, four of the properties that were still technically a...
The ebb and flow of emotion is human nature. We all experience the highs and lows of enthusiasm and regret. As a result buyer’s remorse is somewhat inevitable. We are often spurred into action by emotion that is later mitigated at some point by pragmatism. “Did I do the right thing?” It may surpr...
One of the hottest TV trends these days are the rags to riches shows about ordinary people who discover hidden treasures at auctions, or estate sales, or by picking through piles of junk in storage units or barns. Many people do not see any harm in saving as much “stuff” as possible in the hopes ...
Explosions edged in blue and white,Or gilded fronds of pink twilight,A storm looms as a blackened shroud,Just what color is a cloud?                    (R Weisser 2012) Sometimes we have to look beyond the obvious. What at first glance may be basic and ordinary, could in fact be something that is...
With the proliferation of covert surveillance technology available these days, one should NEVER assume that they are not being watched or heard. Many homeowners have installed security cameras to monitor their property in their absence. And while this equipment is generally used for self protecti...

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