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Back in the day, if one wanted to publish a book, record a song, or film a movie, one had only two choices: One could bear the huge expense or submit the work to a professional publisher or producer that would evaluate the work and determine its market potential. Only those that withstood the cru...
As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the Northeast coast, several thoughts come to mind. First and foremost is the technological advancements that have been implemented in meteorology over the last few decades. The National Weather Service can predict the path of storms and issue warnings that can ac...
The Sirens’ haunted chilling shrieksThat beckon from the craggy peaks.Away from sheltered succor lureTo summit from the valley’s floor!         (R Weisser 2012) Why do we climb mountains? Common sense suggests that the rewards do not justify the risks. But challenge is part and parcel of the huma...
Amicalola Falls State Park is one of the most popular destinations in the Georgia State Park system Amicalola Falls drop 729 feet from top to bottom, earning the distinction of being the tallest waterfall in Georgia. The name "Amicalola" derives from a Cherokee word that loosely translated to "tu...
There is no doubt that home ownership has lost some of its appeal over the last few years. What was once considered the “American Dream” has now been relegated to the status of a preferential persuasion. Much of the paradigm shift in thinking is predicated on the notion of financial risk. At one ...
When I was growing up in Western PA, it was not uncommon for a house to be fifty, seventy five, or a hundred years of old. And many of those houses that were “old” back then are still in use today, with new generations taking advantage of their excellent location and “good bones” construction. Bu...
Not everyone is driven by the bottom line. Many buyers and sellers have an ultimate purpose that may or may not include the notion that NO money should be left on the table. Many people are generous by nature. They may very well know that they are paying too much or selling for too little, but th...
The fireworks fizzle fast from sparksTo embers on a cold stone hearth,If you miss the show let’s be perfectly clear:You’ll have to wait until next year!             (R Weisser 2012) Yes, Fall is in it’s full glory right now. I love Autumn for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fleetin...
Realtors® are required to take Code of Ethics training at least once every four years. The four year quadrennial for the current fulfillment requirement ends on December 31, 2012. Realtors® that have not yet completed the course can do one of two things: They can hope that the Mayans are right an...
In the early days of the Internet, one of the most exciting aspects of the new medium was the fact that ANYONE could achieve either popularity or notoriety by establishing an online presence. The Internet was an equal opportunity awarder of status, and oddly enough, large businesses seemed to be ...

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