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As dark voids ‘midst the twigs and leavesDevouring mast of shrubs and trees,The black bears soon in den will lie,And fat they’ll sleep ‘till Spring draws nigh!                (R Weisser 2012) The black bears of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are very active in Autumn as they make their f...
After returning from a trip to my beloved Smoky Mountains, it occurred to me that the lifestyle that I enjoy while I am there is just everyday living for the year round residents. We are often deeply rooted in our current communities, with jobs, schools, and proximity to friends and families. Eve...
One of the most basic tenets of real estate is that each and every parcel is absolutely unique. No two pieces of real estate are exactly alike. Equally important is the fact that each individual’s housing preference is also formulated based of their particular needs and wants. More often than not...
There is just something about trains. Just the notion of these hulking steel behemoths being set into motion can stir even the most passive onlooker. Railroads are energy-efficient and cost-effective. In today’s lingo, they are the most “green” of all land transportation systems. And oddly enough...
Any real estate agent can tell you that the best way to ignite some business is to set aside some down time for watching a game or going to a family event. I am not certain how the cosmic forces that control the universe know or even care why I elect to wind down for a few hours, I have just come...
In ranks along the azure sluice,Baptized in cleansing waters blue,Their Glory Days are nigh at hand.Late-bloomers take their final stand!                    (R Weisser 2012)  When we think of Fall we always think of foliage, but fall also delivers the a tremendous display of wildflowers. It’s as ...
I love Autumn for so many reasons. I love Football, crisp fresh-picked apples, and of course, the fall foliage. And since fall has always been my favorite season, I have an awful lot of photographs in my archives that are particular to the time of year. I think that it is magical when trees are t...
I was recently in the market for a new camera. One of the best things about film cameras was that kept clean and in good working order, they could be used indefinitely. One of the bad things about digital cameras, like most modern technology, is that they become obsolete very quickly. But there i...
I live in Georgia. This is not Minnesota, Maine or Massachusetts! And in the forty years that I have lived in Georgia, I came to realize that the leaves changed color late here. There has been many an October where the leaves remained green and tightly bound to the trees. In my area, the leaves t...
As inventory declines, and sales prices moderate, the attitudes of both buyers and sellers must adapt to the marketplace. There are few “good” properties available, and they vanish in a day or two. Buyers no longer have the luxury of agonizing over a purchase decision for a week or more. And with...

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