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Over the weekend I have been plagued with numerous technology failures. After the first few, I was able to perform some workarounds to keep up with my weekend workload. But things have gone downhill from there. Now I am having to develop a new set of workarounds over and above the original stopg...
  We are often told that we should NOT make waves, or that those that rock the boat are destined to fail. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Quite often the pack mentality crushes creativity and squelches excellence. And the chances of being noticed as an individual worthy of consideration ...
As my friends in the Northeast continue to dig out from the last snowstorm, here in Newnan Georgia we have a beautiful and warm winter day! As temperatures neared 70 degrees, a lot of people were out and about getting a jump on some yard chores. In this part of the country, Spring usually arrives...
  Since the dawn of cognitive thought, human beings have attempted to predict the future. Old texts and manuscripts are rife with tales of fortunetellers and soothsayers that seemed to have the innate ability to peer into times yet to come. In the modern information age, we do have the ability to...
  I had some early warning signs but I chose to brush them aside. Maybe it was just a bad day and the symptoms would take care of themselves. After all, it isn’t all that unusual to have a slowdown in activity. When you have been around as long as I have it has to be expected every now and then. ...
There is nothing worse when showing property than to have the interior of the house is colder than the exterior ambient temperature. Prospective buyers rush through and try to see what they can in the darkness and head straight for the warmth of the car. What did the buyers actually see during t...
2011 has started off with a bang. And while it is still very difficult to get a property closed, the level of activity has risen dramatically. The undercurrent of phone calls, internet leads, and sign inquiries has been elevated from an occasional distraction to a repetitive mantra. There have b...
Today was an unusual one. I had two calls from two different large national banks that were not only surprising, they were downright helpful. The first call was from a representative in a short-sale department that called ME with an updated status on one of my listings. I hadn’t even called her ...
So far, the 2010-2011 winter has been a chilly one. There have already been several heavy snows, and plenty of frosty cold temperatures to go around. But there is something about cold weather that drives us to seek warmth by not only turning up the thermostat but also by snuggling up with a love...
  I will start off by saying that I am very careful about how I spend my money. I’m not cheap, but I try to avoid spending more that I should. As a result, whenever I need information or a computer program or free advice about anything I go straight to the Internet and do a Google search. Very of...

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