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In the real estate business, there are days like today. The next twelve hours are going to be both very busy and very fulfilling! As a result, I’m out the door by seven A.M. to do a walk through, then on to closing and back in time to make several appointments this afternoon. It’s the GOOD kind o...
On Tuesday July 31, 2012 Georgia voters in the Atlanta metropolitan area will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum to locally raise the state sales tax an additional 1% to ostensibly pay for transportation improvements. I don’t like to write about political issues, but I will share my opi...
Unbounded by the curse of weight,On lacy wings they navigate,From bloom to bloom they flit and flutterTo take a sip, and then another!            (R Weisser 2012) Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. The stress and strain of everyday survival often makes us lose si...
As I watched the London Olympic opening ceremonies last night, I couldn’t help but think back to the year 1996 and the Atlanta Centennial Games. For 17 days the world came to Atlanta, and since my real estate office was located in the heart of the city, I got to experience much of excitement firs...
We have all heard the expression: “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!” The phrase is often used to forgo something unpleasant that could be addressed at the present time, but instead is left to run its own due course in hopes that the matter will take care of itself. It all depends on whe...
When I was a much younger man, I lived on the leading edge of technology. I had to possess the latest and greatest of everything. In those days, technology was extremely expensive. And in many cases, the benefits of the primitive usability did not justify the high initial investment. If nothing e...
Recently a foreclosed home in my neighborhood was purchased by a “flipper.” And I couldn’t be more pleased. Whether we like it or not, foreclosures affect all of our property values. When a house goes to the courthouse steps to be auctioned, typically the owner of the mortgage will obtain title t...
The chambers lurk beyond the doorsAnd stairways lead to endless floors,Past twists and turns the mystery loomsIn hallways rife with countless rooms,With cellars boundless underneath,And a yard that borders on the beach.One never questions how it seemsBecause all is normal in a dream!            (...
I have often heard the expression “school of thought” applied as a preface to an answer for a question. But what does the phrase actually mean? Is it the application of an educated guess by other people that are ostensibly more knowledgeable or better versed on the subject matter? Or is merely an...
Ever have one of “those” days when everything hits all at once? Yesterday was one of those days. Everything that I have been working on for the last few weeks seemed to foment into a caldron of crisis. After performing emergency triage, I began to treat each pending issue with all of my skill and...

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