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Okay, I admit that I just had to have a catchy title for the photo of the Canadian Geese. But I really wanted to use this picture and I think that I can contrive a life lesson from it! The fact is that there are usually few leaders and many followers. And generally, those in leadership positions ...
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park features some of the highest peaks in the Appalachians, as well as a tremendous diversity of flora and fauna. The Park also offers some of the largest stands of virgin forests in the Eastern United States. And because the park is within a day's drive of 50%...
I have always enjoyed the presence of songbirds, and have kept feeders out for them year ‘round for as long as I can remember. It's a lot of fun to see both the regular visitors and the exotic travelers as they migrate though our locale, and it's also a nice distraction for my cats that enjoy sta...
Coincidence is a strange and vague concept. The laws of probability state that if you have a sufficient number of observable candidates needed to meet any specific criteria, you will likely find a match for the given parameters. And if nothing else, the universe certainly meets the quantity test,...
I would never dare to call myself a musician. I'm pretty well rounded, and so a lot of different things, but I don't really excel at any of them. But I keep three guitars in my office at work, and some of the slow hours have been passed with a tune or two, and occasionally a few of my coworkers p...
When I was a lad, I read science fiction novels that were set in a future rife with marvelous technologies mined from the deepest recesses of creative artist's imaginations. The boundaries of space and time were not hindered by physical realities, but only by the reader's own limitations on what ...
There are many awe inspiring destinations to see around the globe. Many an hour is spent carefully planning and making expensive travel arrangements to far off places in an effort to capture the sights and sounds of exotic destinations. And in doing so, we often overlook the scenic treasures that...
Although we have had a few flurries here and there in 2009, and additionally we have had many sub-freezing nights and icy cold winds from the north, we have not experienced any measurable snowfall in Newnan yet this year. Which is too bad, because in this part of Georgia, a snowfall event is cons...
President Obama's inaugural address left ME speechless. What a magnificent orator, and what a great presidential presence. I was inspired almost to tears. This was the most inspiring political speech I have ever heard since John F. Kennedy's "ask not what your country can do for you" 1961 inaugur...
As we move forward into a new administration, our economy is one of the paramount issues facing our new president. The general consensus among the electorate is that something needs to be done, and many are suggesting drastic measures and government expenditures of unprecedented proportions. This...

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