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    The subject of customer loyalty seems to be coming to the forefront more and more these days. As information becomes more freely available, potential buyers seems to be less and less inclined to offer loyalty to a single professional. It’s a strange twist of fate, because in the late 1980’s a...
It is NOT impossible to sell a home in today’s market. Homes are still sold every day despite all of the declarations to the contrary. People still need a place to live! But what is significantly different today is the way a house is sold. Sellers must always remain cognizant of the fact that th...
  I have been taking photographs for many, many years. And I was also an early adopter of the Internet. As soon as it became apparent that images could be displayed in browsers such as Mosaic, I jumped on board the Internet photo bandwagon. In the days before Flickr and other photo sharing sites,...
  A friend and I made arrangements to meet at “The Hollow” restaurant for lunch the other day. When we got there, the parking lot was completely empty. We were wondering if the restaurant had decided to stop serving lunch As we climbed the steps to the entrance, we noticed a letter taped to the d...
I was asked by a friend to help valuate a property in a neighboring county in which I have done a fair amount of work. It seemed like a simple request and I was happy to oblige. But when I sat down to do my CMA yesterday; I discovered that since there were no comparable sales for the subject pro...
  The real estate business is fraught with all sorts of dilemmas. We always want to work in our client’s bests interests, even when it causes us to suffer a loss on a more personal level. I listed a house for a friend some time back, and after over a year of trying we finally were able to work ou...
  I have a lot of clients that are scrambling to get under contract by April 30th to capitalize on the tax credits that will cease to exist after that date. The problem is, they are not alone. Many other buyers are competing for the few remaining properties. One HUD home in our area garnered nine...
I consider myself to be a good person. I always try to do the best that I can, and I try to do it better than anyone else. I am also very competitive by nature and I like to prevail when the situation demands it. But I also have a tendency to second guess myself if I fail. What could I have done...
These days, it’s not unusual to see houses left vacant for extended periods of time. No one usually know exactly the reasons for the inhabitant’s desertion, it just seems to happen. Many times, a family is forced to move for one reason or another, and are too far upside-down to be able to see th...
  I just returned from a turnaround business trip to Tallahassee Florida. It was essentially driving down to the Florida state capital, spending an uncomfortable night at a motel, checking out early and doing the job, and then heading straight back to Newnan. And during all of those long, lonely ...

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