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  Sellers all share the same notion as to the value of their house. When I ask what they would like to net from the sale of their property, they always answer: “as much as I can get.” And generally, they believe that the best way to achieve that goal is to start high to test the waters, and then ...
  Once, Senoia Georgia was a thriving mill town that prospered in the heyday of the textile industry. But when the mill closed, the town went into hibernation for about twenty-five years. All of that changed when housing developments began to spring up in the area at the turn of the 21st century....
  When I awoke this morning, the room was much brighter that usual. The first thought that jumped into my mind was “oh my goodness, what time is it?” It was 8:37 A.M. to be exact. It was official: I had slept in! And while that might be a common occurrence for many, for me it only happens if I’m ...
  Like everyone else, I have a list of unfinished projects that need addressing. I’m not really talking about things that I want to do or am planning to do, but projects that have already been set into action, with money spent and time invested. The unfinished items include everything and anythin...
Coweta County has experienced some troubling economic times over the last few years. And during that time, the consumer hasn’t gotten any relief. As a matter of fact, the average citizen has been hit with higher food and gasoline prices, the suspension of the Homestead Exemption on their propert...
I use state-of the art-anti-virus software. I don't open attachments that I am not expecting to be sent. I don't visit dubious websites. And yet my computer was attacked last night and is paralyzed by a debilitating bit of malware. I feel violated. I feel sick. And I wonder why nobody has address...
Trust is a wonderful quality. It is very satisfying to have enough faith and confidence in a person or a company to take them at their word. And most of the time, everyone involved in a verbal commitment really does mean to keep their word and to stick to it. The problem is more one of fading me...
  I participated in a charity event last night, and the emcee that introduced me was very gracious and mentioned my real estate business and suggested to all present that anyone that needed a good real estate agent call me. And while I appreciated his kind efforts to compensate me for my particip...
Procrastination is pervasive in our busy society. This year, I was very busy and was unable to complete my returns by the deadlines. And so I filed for six month extensions. The extended deadline for corporate returns is September 15, which is just a few weeks from now. Personal returns are due ...
Any real estate agent will tell you that the business is prone to cyclical amounts of activity. There are times when the phones are ringing off the hook and you have more clients than you can handle, and corresponding times when business is slow and nothing is on the books for a closing. Many ag...

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