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As the 1970’s brought both environmental awareness and exponential technological growth, many pundits predicted that by the year 2000 we would become a paperless society. Obviously, something went awry somewhere. When I started selling real estate in 1984, a purchase and sale agreement was a sin...
I was contacted by a friend who was very excited about a new multi-level marketing scheme. He wanted me to get on board so that we could both get rich quick AND have residual income forever. And while all of these enterprises seem very legitimate, they all depend on mathematics that just doesn’t...
After several years of economic corrections, the Newnan Georgia real estate market seems to be gaining some momentum. And a lot of the increased activity is coming from outside the county and even more from outside the state of Georgia. Many transferees that are heading for the Atlanta metropoli...
  Competition is the keystone of a capitalist society. And every entrepreneur knows that in order to succeed in any business endeavor, it is essential to compete to attain the largest market share possible. But in order to effectively compete, one must fully be aware of the other competitors in t...
In our area of Newnan Georgia, we have a lot of distressed properties for sale. And the savvy buyer has an excellent opportunity to acquire a good house at a great price. There are, however, some buyers that insist on getting exactly what they want at exactly the price that they want to pay. And...
I once read that the famous inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, never slept during the night. Instead his days were punctuated by intermittent catnaps as time allowed. I admire Mr. Edison very much, and I guess for some time I have tried to emulate his sleeping behavior! But last night I dozed off as ...
  Most economists agree that recent rashes of government spending will ultimately lead to significant inflation. The constant infusion of cash that is intended as a short-term solution will eventually have a long-term effect on the value of a dollar. One of the best hedges against this expected p...
  Regulation “Z” has been around for a long time. The name is a little misleading, because it is not a single rule, but an entire section of code that stipulates required disclosures when offering credit to a borrowing consumer. And although the law has been revised many times, (the latest change...
  It was a typical summertime Friday night in the South. It was hot and humid, and the old watering hole was more reminiscent of a scene in a 1950’s “B” movie than a contemporary night spot. The plastic fans were whirring, but the air was barely moving and the heat was stifling. But we were there...
  If price was the only thing that mattered when purchasing real estate, sales contracts would only be a few paragraphs long. But in reality, sales contracts can be ponderous instruments exceeding thirty pages of legal language. The terms and conditions of a transaction are equally as important a...

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