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There’s a place that beckons us and seizes our thoughts. And try as we might to ignore it, it calls to us during our hectic lives and interrupts our busy schedule. It’s the stuff of daydreams and idleness, yet we cannot push the thoughts aside. It is human nature to seek the shelter of comfort an...
As anyone that develops Internet content on a regular basis can tell you, it doesn’t take long to produce a vast repository of useful but often dated information. The ability to easily deliver new and fresh content has a dark side to it. Because there is so much NEW content created, that a propor...
What do you do better than anyone else? It’s a fair question. We all like to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack and stand out from the crowd. In boring sales jargon it’s called your USP or Unique Selling Proposition. It’ used to promote your skills and talents, and to usually compare th...
There are many times in the real estate business when we feel like we are paddling upstream against a swift current. No matter how hard we toil, the resistance of the flowing water holds us back and it seems that we are not getting anywhere. But the point is that it CAN be done. It may take a mor...
Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have been taking photographs for over forty years, but whatever the reason, I always take special notice of “the light” every day. Photography is essentially the capture of light through lens, and in the days of film a clear summer day was not to be ignored, b...
First of all, I like Google+. As a matter of fact, I like it a lot. And I plan on using it. But every time the “latest and greatest” incarnation of anything comes to life, I get more and more depressed. That’s because I don’t see any one new tool or service replacing what I have in place. I only ...
Yesterday I went on a photography expedition to Chattahoochee Bend State Park. It’s Georgia’s newest state park, and it is located right here in Coweta County. Since it has opened on July 1, I have made over a dozen trips to the park and I now know my way around, and I have a great feel for wher...
The economic foundation of any community is jobs. And jobs in the healthcare sector are considered to be some strongest in terms on both longevity and compensation. So the Newnan Piedmont Hospital will provide a much-needed boost to an economy that has suffered a significant slowdown over the las...
I have spent the last few days digging out after an avalanche of technology failures. It has been both time consuming and frustrating, and I have gotten to the point where enough is enough, I wonder how many hours a year we spend on fixes, workarounds, upgrades, undoing upgrades, rebooting, and r...
The real estate business is full of surprises. And because it is a “people” business, anything can happen on any given day. So try as we might to adhere to a schedule of task and appointments, in reality some times things just happen and you have to make adjustments “on the fly.” Which often res...

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