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After a dismal 9-18 September the Atlanta Braves have been officially eliminated from the major league baseball playoff post-season. In some ways, that is very disappointing. After all, it is natural to support your favorite team and every fan wants their team to win the “big one.” The fact of th...
These days everyone is talking about cutting back in order to deal with the tenuous economy. One needs only go to the grocery store to ascertain that higher fuel and fertilizer prices have resulted in budget-busting food prices. The cost of feeding a family has skyrocketed. As a result, many savv...
First and foremost, let me state categorically that I love statistics! I spend a significant amount of time every day studying every imaginable data report! And I am always curious when an activity anomaly presents itself, especially when it is a sudden surge that is double or even triples the av...
I was contacted by a client that purchased a HUD home several months ago. He was concerned because the closing attorney had sent him a letter which bluntly stated that Old Republic title has ceased wiring foreclosure endorsements on their title policies. Included was a refund check for $100. The ...
As an aficionado of celestial observations, I take a keen interest in the physics of planetary movement, especially that of our own Earth. Around 9:04 A.M. today, the earth’s axis will be perpendicular to the sun which means that nearly every part of the earth will experience approximately equal ...
As one who has visited thousands of foreclosed homes, I can say with some authority that many of them suffer from a bad case of DIY Syndrome. The proliferation of home improvement cable channels and the resulting bombardment of “how-to” shows have created a culture of substandard repairs and func...
It seems that lately every real estate transaction is taking a lot longer to close. And as the period between binding and closing lengthens, so does the demand for additional documentation and intervention in the process. The mantra “we need this done ASAP” is repeated ad nauseam, and after a mad...
You wouldn’t think that one day would make that much difference. But a thirty day month always seems to fly on by before you know it. Perhaps it is the fact the thirty is an even number. Half of the month is fifteen days, a third is ten, and one-sixth of the month is a mere five days. You just ca...
I play guitar in a band that performed at a benefit for the American Legion in Opelika Alabama last night. We were supposed to do two one hour sets but ended up playing nearly twice that long. The reason: people were still enjoying the music and dancing up a storm! So we played on until everyone ...
In today’s real estate market, there are only two kinds of sellers. Those that have the ability to sell at market price and those that do NOT. Every seller wants to sell, but many are burdened by mortgages far in excess of the value of the property, or they refuse to accept the realities of the m...

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