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  I received a call yesterday from a homeowner that was interested in selling her house. We chatted for a few minutes about the property and her reasons for selling. But at some point in the conversation, I had to ask the question that I ask all potential home sellers. I always preface it by firs...
  We live in an age of miraculous technology, and the field of meteorology utilizes some of the most advanced methods and devices to predict the path of upcoming weather episodes. The National Weather Service is charged with alerting residents in areas that may lie in the path of severe weather, ...
  On tatted lace that flits aboutO’er bloom and bud and petaled bough,As feathers drift on currents blown‘Til nectar’s sweet scent pulls them down!                           (R, Weisser 2011) So many analogies are based on the butterfly and it’s metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis ...
  It’s a growing problem is some areas. Squatters are moving into vacant homes and claiming them as their own. And many of these so called “pioneers” are not acting independently, but are part of movements propagated around the country to circumvent the law and antagonize the legal owners of the ...
  It’s Sunday Morning, and I have a few thoughts before I get down to the business of preparing Easter dinner. First of all, Easter is very late this year. As a matter of fact, the latest possible date for Easter Sunday is April 25 so it is just about as late as it can be. What that means to us i...
  It’s better to buy a digital single lens reflex camera than a high end point and shoot camera because it takes better photo. Right? WRONG!!! Just as in the days of 35mm film, the two families of camera use the same image medium. In many cases, the digital image sensors a manufacturer uses are i...
In April 1970, I was privileged to participate in the very first Earth Day activities. A group from our high school cleaned up a section of a local creek and restored it to its natural condition. We even made the six o’clock news, which was quite an accomplishment in those dark days of the war i...
  Over the last two decades, the Internet has evolved from novelty to necessity, and the explosion of available content can be overwhelming at times. As a result of the general acceptance by the business community of the Internet as THE place to do business, and the natural limits of creativity b...
  During the dark days of World War II, President Roosevelt promoted the idea of “Victory Gardens” to bolster the public food supply and to boost the morale of the American public. In 2011 runaway petroleum prices have dramatically increased the cost of food production and many Americans are depl...
In our fast-paced, high-tech world, we have all become accustomed to lightning-quick answers to our questions and instant results from our efforts. But in the world of the real estate transaction, some of the necessary processes seem interminably slow. And in some transactions, time seems to sta...

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