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  There has been quite a buzz lately about listing photos not depicting the true condition of the property. Many consider this to be a misrepresentation of the product. And I believe that there are times that a case can be made for the latter. I have seen bank-owned properties that are in terribl...
Make no mistake about it. HUD is a bureaucracy and as such, is more concerned about enforcing idiotic requirements than it is in its mission to help citzens aquire housing. Latest case in point: buyer is only giver thirty days to close and will probably close on time. But HUD requires an extensi...
  It seems that all of the political and economic news these days is less than optimistic. Many prognosticators are even going so far as to predict a cataclysmic collapse of the global monetary system. It can become overwhelming at times. Every day I hear more and more people ask: “Why doesn’t an...
Over the last few weeks the real estate business in Newnan Georgia is has really come alive. And it’s not just buyers that are calling. Sellers that were withholding their properties from the market until the weather broke are now ready to take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather. As the l...
  Yesterday I was heading to the office at the usual time. I had my schedule for the day planned out and as long as everything went according to plans. It was going to be a very ordinary day! But as I approached a little used railroad crossing near the house, something very different happened. Th...
  There was a time when an industrious pioneer could acquire a few acres of land and cut enough timber to build a sturdy cabin and raise enough livestock and grow enough crops to survive. Every person was allowed the right of self determination with regards to housing options. There were no codes...
It starts with pressure behind the eye. Then there is a certain amount of twitching as the abnormal discomfort shifts to the frontal lobe. It is a migraine headache. It is absolutely debilitating. And it will not soon go away. In years past I have been able to avoid the worst kinds of headaches ...
In golf there is an affliction called the “yips.” The symptoms usually involve twitching, pulling, shaking, or even temporary blindness right before an important putt is attempted. The condition is very real, and many a match has been lost because an otherwise steady stoke gives way to one or mo...
  There have been many changes in our society over the last sixty years, both in culture and especially in technology. The ways that we interact and communicate today are a far cry from the post World War II days of hand-written letters and Sunday afternoon visits. We may bemoan the fact that we ...
  Time has a way of dealing with all things great and small. Even the mightiest star in the heavens will one day collapse under its own weight and shrink its mass into a miniscule “black hole” of space. It’s impossible to stay on top forever. There are always dynamically opposing forces that inje...

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