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As I am desperately trying to complete my 2010 Income Tax returns, I can’t help but notice how expensive it is to run a real estate business. It turns out that I spent nearly a half of all my income on the little things. I do not pay rent nor do I have any employees. But the cost of doing busines...
The more dependent we become on technology, the more we are forced to suffer through countless upgrades and “improvements. In most cases, we like things just the way they are and then for some inexplicable reason our product or service is “upgraded” and we either lose some functionality or we hav...
As hurricane Irene bears down on the Northeast, I pray that my family and friends in the swath of the tempest fare well. There is something very unnerving about knowing there is an impending calamity that will directly affect loved ones and being absolutely helpless to do anything about it. Even ...
It seems that these days I encounter more and more individuals that are trying to expand their business by branching out into new fields of endeavor. And that’s not a bad idea. After all, a “one-trick pony” is a lot more susceptible to the whims of adverse market forces, and there is always a pre...
Is a Federal governmental agency bound by state or local law? To tell you the truth, I don’t know and I really would like the answer to that question. Because there is a certain federal institution that sells a lot of houses in our area, and  it constantly flaunts state real estate law. And when ...
As one of those “go-to” guys in my community, I am often asked my opinion about different matters ranging anywhere from where to eat to how I rate specific tech services. And I love the fact that what I think is considered to have some merit. I guess that being a grizzled old journeyman does cont...
With all of the fuss about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) one would come to believe that good placement is the truest measure of Internet success. But “getting ‘em there” is only part of the formula. Because if voracious web searchers don’t find what they a...
There are always reasons for optimism. Despite poor prognostications and constant claims of calamity, the sun rises and sets each day over a relatively orderly world. Fear can be crippling. How many would-be celebrants missed the Y2K revelry due to dire predictions of chaos and economic collapse?...
When I first sold real estate in 1984, buyer’s brokerage was rarely practiced and even more rarely compensated. The theory was at that time that if the buyer wanted an agent to represent them, then the buyer should be the one that pays for it. The actual implementation of the concept usually only...
I have to admit that I am a “small world” kind of man. I never feel the urge to travel the world far and wide in order to see exotic sights and distant places. That’s because I have plenty to see and experience right here in my own locale. Over the years I have become accustomed to “seeing” thing...

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