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While the calendar indicates that today is Tuesday, it is really difficult to not to confuse it with a Monday. After all, the day after a holiday always tends to pack a full schedule. And when the “Tuesday after” is also the last day of the month the to-do list is crammed with additional tasks t...
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) Memorial Day is that day that we honor those brave souls that have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. It is almost unfathomable that despite all of the social era enlightenment combine...
In tethered basins dangling freeBright dabs against the azure airs.Le Jardin thrives where all can seeSuspended o’er the thoroughfares!               Richard Weisser 2011 One of the special Summer touches in historic downtown Newnan is the numerous hanging baskets of beautiful flowers that punct...
There is just something about a Sunday morning that is different and special. It’s the time that we tuck the old week away and start a fresh new one. In the real estate business, we often work on Sundays. It’s a day when buyers like to spend a little time shopping for that perfect new place, and...
  Over the last few weeks, I have been attempting to get estimates for a new roof on an absentee client’s home. When I volunteered to assist my client with this matter, I never anticipated the nightmare that was forthcoming. Nobody will give me a price! The roofers show up and they don’t measure,...
  When I was a child growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Memorial Day served as the official start of Summer. Although school was still in session, usually until late June, Memorial Day brought out the grill and dozens of relatives for the first “cook-out” of the year. The Second World war was st...
I get calls every day from potential homebuyers. When I ask what they are looking for, the overwhelming majority respond that they are looking for a “killer deal.” Many even say that they want to “steal” a house. My response always begins with these words: “Contrary to what you see in all of the...
One of the hot-button topics in real estate these days is the loan-to-value ratio of a borrower when purchasing a house. There are two primary schools of thought: One is that lower down-payment amounts will bring more buyers into the pool, and help stabilize the market with volume. More buyers t...
They don’t call it the “Sunny South” for nothing! And while we typically expect late May and early June to be the first weeks of Summer, this year the hot temperatures that we normally experience in July and August have shown up sooner than expected. As the Bermuda High sets in over the Atlantic...
I recently made an offer on behalf of my clients. It was a bank-owned property and my clients want to make certain that there is nothing seriously wrong with the house. Although there is an inspection period which allows the buyer to perform all inspections at the buyer’s expense, we asked the s...

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