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We had a wonderful family Thanksgiving this year.  And we had so much to be grateful for including our first grandchild, Hoyt.  He is now 4 months old and this was his first Thanksgiving! Though he doesn't say much now  (actually he just giggles at this point) ......  you could tell he sensed the...
Rural Communities are very dependent on volunteer fire departments for fire protection. These departments are often limited in equipment and dollars, but many of them make up for those problems with great effort and courage. Located between Hearne and  Wheelock, Texas on FM 391 is the Blackjack V...
Well.. another "unofficial"  Texas Aggie Bonfire came and went this past weekend in Robertson county, Texas.  In case you don't know the real deal was canceled several year back after the official bonfire collapsed killing several Texas Aggie students who were working on the log stacking.The curr...
I think laughter is like a lot of things in life ...breathing, water, food. You will eventually expire without any. I also think it is like resting. After you are satiated you feel refreshed. I work much better if I have had my share. Be sure and get your daily dose.  Last night we had a small gr...
Today the Bryan College Station Habitat for Humanity dedicated the completion of another fine home in the wonderful Angels Gate Community,  . This home was unique in that it was sponsored by  the  Circle of Women group  and was constructed by all women .   The soon to be  new owner,The Searcy Fam...
Potential Real Estate Closings in America right now are kind of like leaves on a tree in winter. There just aren't a whole lot of them left on the tree right now. But you know not all trees lose all their leaves at once. if you can look closely enough through the fog of our national economy, you ...
Well it is finally that time of year! Basketball season has begun at Aggieland. Last night we attended the Aggie - S.F. A.  game at Reed arena.  The Aggies won and they really had to earn it, but the season is young and we have enough good and eager players that I feel it will be a good season.  ...
I don't know where all our blue birds go every winter but we really miss having them around They have great personality and rule the roost in the neighborhood.They do a great job of keeping the grasshoppers under control in the summertime. I suppose they head down a little further south to stay w...
Looks like we are fixing to get our first real cold front in here in central Texas.  Lots of folks including yours truly have potted plants all over the porches and in the yard. Luckily we have a small green house room in our barn so I will get out the dolly and wheel barrow this afternoon to whe...

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