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New Patio Home in Spring Meadows Subdivision   3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms   2 car Garage  1978 square feetMLS number: 50034Listed at: $236,000. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac  this new patio home by Classic Homes is perfect for retirees or any one wanting to size down without sacrificing quality. Incl...
I don't watch a lot of television but really do enjoy the finance and business specialty news shows. It is truly amazing to me how different the views are these days among the numerous commentators and guests who appear on these shows really are. Some still say to invest in safe and proven mutual...
As our economy changes, my wife and I have searched for ways to entertain ourselves without stretching the budget too awfully much. Sometimes we simply enjoy jumping in the car,and taking short Saturday afternoon cruises in our area of the state.  Fuel costs are down somewhat... so it isn't too e...
Right now all my roses are dormant. The last ones to bloom stopped about 6 weeks ago.  We love roses and have planted a variety of them on our property. The soil in this part of Robertson County is very sandy and requires quite a bit of amendments to get roses to grow and bloom.  But once we get ...
Who is still King?  I know many in America right now have taken a real licking in real estate .  Home owners have lost homes in foreclosure.  Many Investors have had to sell income properties at a significant loss at a loss. But I think back through the years and remember selling real estate at a...
Has Your Well Gone Dry? We are all having to adjust to the great changes going on in the real estate business right now.  It is easy to find fault and look for blame as to why these great changes are going on. But the fact remains it really doesn't matter that change is happening .  We all just h...
We live out  in a rural area that has abundant wildlife .  But we are fortunate enough to have a little bit of Colorado right in our backyard.  One of our neighbors has several thousand acres which is high-fenced with some non-native species stocked on the property. Occasionally we get to see som...
There are really only 3 Reasons a Home won't sell. I see it time and time again.  Agents will ask me to come take a look at the listing they have, that refuses to be sold.  They want me to tell them what's wrong.   I always say to myself before I ever see the place that it is either one of three ...

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