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Here's The Deal: Lots of folks are angry right now that Congress cannot get done with the debate on our financial crisis.  Why am I not surprised?  Because like most politicians they cannot get over their egos and their individual fears of being able to get re-elected.  Perhaps this vote ought to...
This is serious business. The blame for the bank failures is far reaching and goes back many years. The politics are deep  I am sure.  But it is just as much about greed as anything. The bottom line is that it is  a larger and more complex issue  than any one of us can imagine alone.. I am certai...
I still occasionally like to stop in my bank on Fridays and visit with my banker .  Today I felt especially compelled to do so considering the number of of serious events taking place in the banking industry, and world of finance, Wall Street and in our government. I casually asked my banker what...
These Giant piers will help support a highway exit ramp in College Station Texas when completed. They are so interesting to observe while being constructed and actually are in 3  pieces. The giant steel molds take days and days to install before pouring the concrete mix, and after the mixture har...
Big Decisions Concerning our economy      Over the course of the last 4 or 5 days I have listened to the voices of several couples  I am friends with . These couples have much in common....that  being they are middle aged empty nesters  with young adult children.        These couples are very con...
I don't know why but this is one of my favorite view at Texas A & M University . Sitting on the 50 yard line  and looking northeast between the "Zone" seats and the east side of the stadium you see the old G. Rollie White Basketball building. The Aggie Men now play in a more modern building but t...
I have blogged a little bit about how we are doing a camera survey of the wildlife at our ranch in order to better manage the deer herd  and other game effectively. So once a week I retrieve the card from the camera and take it home to down load on my PC.  On thing that has quickly become apparen...
Last night after hitting 150,000 points on Active Rain I immediately hit the bed.....because bad Mexican food from yesterday's lunch decided to ambush me! Caught me totally off guard!   So needless to say I didn't feel like celebrating too much last night.   :( :)  But today's a new day and I am ...
With all the rucous on Wall Street this Week I was pleasantly surprised when my Broker called to just check on me and see if I had any concerns.  In the past I have had stock brokers who actually ran and hid whenever the market was diving or the national economy was twirling. Not this one! I beli...
I used to believe that statement!  Not anymore. I have discovered just the opposite and have tried to be better about "house keeping" and organization in my personal space.  It isn't easy but it is an old habit I have been seriously working to change. Sure makes finding things easier! I have noti...

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