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Today was  supposed to be going to be  "take care of personal business day." You know...everything having NOT to do with my profession. Stuff like mow the yard, take the dogs for a run and a swim, rescue two dump kitties that some jerk left at our driveway, and work on the honey do list that I am...
In a recent blog about taking care of animals I mentioned we have plenty of water stations on our property for birds and other domestic and wild creatures. One of the hummingbird feeders is right in front our kitchen if you are very still,  these little hummers will land and feed just...
I just got through mowing the front yard and my clothes are completely soaked. It is hot!! And sweaty! and in exactly 3 hours I will be sitting in The Zone at Kyle Field watching the opening kickoff of the Texas Aggie football season against Arkansas State. Now The Aggies have a new coach that ha...
Yes most of the air pollution problems occurred during the 1980's probably because Billions of cans of hair spray were used during that period. Also millions of bottles of antacids, aspirins, and other headache pills. And Those of us in the real estate industry that managed to survive, for the mo...
Over the last few years I have become involved with a wildlife management organization. As a member of this group I have really been able to learn some very valuable information to help in obtaining wildlife exemptions, and to just maintain good management practices. All has been in the hope of h...
Yep the students are back in town. All you had to do was take a drive down University Drive , Texas Ave., or any other major street in Bryan or College Station this week and you realized that the traffic had doubled overnight. Yep it is fender bender time again. Don't get it wrong....I love our A...
For years we have cautioned against the mostly unprofitable and sometimes downright foolish  practice of  dropping and running, to show real estate. We have cautioned against it for a number of specific reasons. 1.To drop everything  and  to run and show a property to  a complete stranger, of who...
I have really learned to appreciate the adjustable monitor screenon my little Cannon Powershot  camera. It takes you back to the days of "Box" Type cameras. Anyone remember those square little black box cameras with a shutter lever on the side?  And you held them at waist level and looked at a mi...
  We wish we could get up to the family place at Lake Limestone more often. It is always so restful and fun.  It was our son's Birthday so we met him and a couple of his close friend for a short little one day vacation this weekend.  We took about a one hour boat ride in an amazingly fast new boa...
I know it is popular to specialize in a particular area or type  of real estate, and probably is a smart move for agents both professionally and financially.  You know,  I have tried to specialize in several areas of real estate through the years including new homes, elegant homes, country estate...

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