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According to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson 93% of all mortgages are being paid on time and fewer than 2% are in foreclosure.This was said in response to some  Democrat proposals designed to help deal with the crisis in housing and mortgages in the United States.The Secretary is focusing on hom...
Three Agents in our office were awarded the GMAC Premier Service Diamond sales partner award recently for their outstanding customer satisfaction ratings in 2007!   The recipients were  Trish Thornton Havel, Dave Kissel, and Trey Thurmond.          This recognition is reserved for those professio...
Well they are finally going to finish the "Road-Ramp" to the heavens in front of our office in College Station, Texas. This project has been going on for many months and when completed will certainly help the neighborhood overall access and safety.  This is the new exit ramp for Hwy 6 to Rock Pra...
There is an old saying in Real Estate that many successful agents know by Heart:"List to Last" OR LTLTimes and techniques have changed,  but the LTL Rule is still so powerful and true.For many years I have observed the development and growth of new agent's careers. As a result it became increasin...
Well now that's more like it Aggies!  98 to 54 over Texas Tech at Reed Arena.  For the first time in a good while the Aggie basketball team really made us believe they really wanted to win and proved it tonight against the Raiders and their new coach, the younger Knight. The men really hustled to...
When My wife and I first got married we didn't have much and like a lot of young couples struggled, cut coupons, and did whatever to get by.  At that time Ralph Nader was just getting to be a hot item and was the consummate "Consumer Advocate."  And... young couples trying to be penny conscious l...
 Blind Web Site....I am not really sure if that is the correct name and I am not talking about sites for those that cannot see, but isn't it a NAR requirement that all Realtor web sites clearly identify themselves as such.  I believe they have to indicate that the site is for an agent, broker, or...
It was announced that with the layoff of over 8,000 mortgage  and lending industry employees in California, that the Feds have made a grant  available of over 5  Million dollars to help. This money will be used with some state funds to help retrain those affected. I am sure it would be difficult ...
Our booth at the  local Home Builders Association  Home Products and Garden Show this weekend in Bryan/College Station, Texas was busier than we have ever seen it.  One vendor told us that this show had more visitors than one they just did in Houston!  I also understand that a lot of the visitors...
No doubt things are beginning to get down and dirty in American politics.  Mr. McCain's girlfriend -lobbyist-New YorkTimes story thing, Mr Obma's real estate investor-acquaintance-crook that got money from a crooked middle-east- thing, and and then  the thing that a national radio host brought up...

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