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For about 4 years now we have enjoyed the sunset views from our porch and have tried to photograph some of the best.  Here are just a few of our favorites for your pleasure. In the summer we tend to prefer to watch these sunsets over any television show. They are certainly more interesting and pr...
I am always playing around with my digital camera. Recently while shooting some sunsets I kept shooting until dark thirty. Then while reviewing the photos I saw some spots on a few photos where the flash had gone off automatically because it was getting dark. So I kept shooting some more photos a...
The truth is in the details.       Whenever you are working on a negotiation or just enjoying what life brings your way, you must pay attention to the details. This can be both orally and visually.  When you are holding a conversation with someone else if you fail to observe their body language y...
Whenever I go to vote  I kind of get get this "tingly feeling" of pride and respect. This feeling has nothing to do with my particular brand of politics, nor does it have to do with any individual politician. Instead I think about how our founding fathers made this possible, and also I tend  thi...
I had done an earlier post about building some "green water duck ponds "to attract migrating waterfowl . In conjunction with that  effort we have been constructing nesting boxes for Wood Ducks to utilize in the springtime. These boxes are built from availiable plans and are designed to be easy to...
We recently closed a land sale on a property that adjoined another tract where a junk dealer was located. The seller of the land had graciously allowed the junkman to "overflow" over on to his property for a "temporary" period.  Now the temporary period turned into months...then years...then I ca...
Will OPEC reduce production of oil and gas in order to avoid having to cutback on some of their lifestyles?   Probably.   We wouldn't want a few of those Sheiks to have to let go of some  of their extra reserve  jets, or Mercedes Benz ........would we? I would wager they are going to turn the val...
As the head of my firm and the "joint head" of my household I have multiple responsibilities on my plate right now. I have to watch my assets and thereby my  ass  posterior.  This applies to both my business and my personal affairs.  Now I have always been careful to set some aside for a rainy da...
How ironic!!!   A Man that wants to see our system destroyed and once led the pack and phsically attempted to do so was  offended by and scared of a little ol' Fox News Reporter so he calls the local Police in to have his privacy and safety protected.  How quaint.   I am so disgusted by this indi...
Farmers and Ranchers in and around Hearne, Texas recently began cutting the last hay crop for 2008.  The Hay business can be a lot like any other crop....... Supply and demand.  This year was a fairly good year for hay in the area but many ranches had hay left over from last year. So the price ma...

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