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So another year has gone by! Gosh it seems like it just began yesterday. So tomorrow is 2009?   Now What?  2008 in Real Estate was kinda like  a fast paced Polka Dance  ...  123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123.....  We are all out of  breath, our heads are still swimming, some of us are numb.... but ...
I have always loved watching animal shows on television. We appreciate the Discovery channel , Disney Channel, and a few others....but you know..... I believe there just isn't anything like watching our animals live performances in person! Yesterday morning my cat, Mack  was manning his usual out...
I took this photo this past weekend while on our little weekend adventure in San Antonio, Texas.  The top half of the Federal Building can be seen peeking over  the north wall of the Alamo. In that same area is a marker commemorating Col. Travis who passed while defending the north wall.  Do you ...
 The Alamo Thanks to Judy Morgan and Shirley Parks, AR members in San Antonio.... my wife Khris   and I experienced a terrific 2 day escape and anniversary celebration  ( our 33rd ! )  You can read Judy's blog about our great Italian dinner and visit on the River Walk.
Seems like just yesterday someone introduced my to the world of Active Rain.  Actually it was about 14 months ago.  The reason I am thinking about this right now it is I did a blog about this time a year ago about my favorite Christmas dessert...Persimmon Pudding.  Actually it very much like brea...
Of all the cats we have ever owned I have to say that Mack, our Scottish Fold cat has got to be the most laid back of all.  Mack is so accommodating that he actually puts up with his two ridiculous owners that do crazy silly things to him.... like put a wreath around his neck and  then ask him to...
Or area is really getting behind in rainfall.  Many of the ponds and lakes in ours and surrounding counties are seeing water levels continuing to decline. I would say we are in a drought and as  a result our commissioners have set burn bans as the grass  and hayfield are becoming dryer each day. ...
Tonight we were working on decorating our home's interior for Christmas. Actually my wife is the chief decorator and I am the "grunt."   All of the boxes of decorations are stored in our attic and I would estimate we have made at least 35 round trips up and down the stairs  to bring all the Crist...
It has been a long haul.    I confess that this wonderful antique home in Wheelock, Texas has been a challenge to my professional skills. But the challenge was always a pleasant one, the seller was the most gracious and understanding I could hope for and I am now certain this wonderful piece of T...
Just two days ago I commented on another members blog that we only see snow in our area every 5 to 6 years or so.. Well much of the South got hit by a brief ice and snow storm yesterday. College Station was no exception and it was truly  a Winter Wonderland for about half a day! Driving down Geor...

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