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While the rest of the world debates drilling,  Robertson County  continues to be a hub of activity for this area  of Texas.   Each day in traveling to and from my office I never cease to be amazed at the numbers of tuck loads of oilfield equipment, drill stem and caseing pipe being hauled to thei...
  State Hwy. 6 between Bryan/College Station Texas and Hearne Texas has been undergoing some recent upgrades and repaving. The speed at which the contractors  strip and repave a one mile lane of asphalt is absolutely phenominal, compared to just a few years ago. The giant stripping machines stri...
Occasionally we still find old hand dug water wells in our part of central Texas. I often wonder about the individuals that dug these relics of the past.  They had to have worked really hard to dig a hole as deep as they did. These old wells are scattered around the entire state wherever the wate...
  For the last few years in late June and early July we have enjoyed making grape jelly from local wild "Mustang Grapes" that grow in our area of Texas in Robertson County.  There is an old oak tree just a few yards from the house that has one of the largest vines I have ever seen  growing on it....
Why is it like the song says " Only the good die young."  Geez.. I got chocked up watching the news about Tony's death today. It came as no surprise to most who followed him I am sure.  But the guy was just a pleasure to listen to.  He led a truly amazing life. Worked for two Presidents, was a fi...
There is a political movement in College Station, Texas.... that says new construction must pay for itself. I haven't quite yet figured what that means, but for the sake of fairness I will remain open minded.  My companies are involved in all phases of real estate including sales, home building a...
Time does fly! 45 years ago I used to walk about a mile every day to catch the scool bus on Turkey Creek Road.   The bus didn't go as far as our home which wasn't in the city limits then.  Now that home is in the city and the last time I checked it had become a frat house. Well that bothers me a ...
When ever I have had a stressful day it is always nice to retreat to my special place and think about life, family, work, or whatever. If the problems have been coming at me like a hoard of insects,  and I am spinning my wheels,  then I go to that special place to relax and clear my head. For som...
I know the naysayers are already attacking him...but you know I say listen to the man. I watched a video today of his explanation of how this country can get shed of about 30% + of our energy problem. I always admired him and at least he is looking for solutions instead of seeking blame for this ...
Being in real estate sales for a pretty long time includes my having taken quite a number of continuing education classes, many of which I have repeated several times.  I have always tried to take each class with a positive attitude. IE  " I will get something out of this no matter what." And ama...

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