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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



I love working in my yard and seeing things bloom and colors everywhere. And so I probably jumped in too soon and bought a bunch of annuals to place around and compliment the soon to be busy forsythia and perennials just beginning to peekaboo. But then there was a frost. The beautiful red impatie...
Monday was yesterday and tomorrow is Wednesday. Today is Tuesday and it is all I have so I am going to use it fully. I have a big list and I hope to hit it running. I am ever aware that life is fleeting and time is the most important component. So that I go.
In my many years in real estate I learned early on that what people most wanted was to be listened to and really heard. So instead of opening with a formal presentation I asked what the people I was sitting across from could imagine as their perfect scenario. It was amazing what I learned from th...
After the most recent episode of religious hatred resulting in death and destruction, a Rabbi I saw on television said what I was is just talk. As long as actions do not change nothing will be different when we hear about the next tragedy. So I got to thinking that this certai...
I am fast: fast at almost anything I do. Yesterday I was on a ladder at my space hanging some things and left the hammer on top. When I moved the ladder the hammer feel off and hit me in the head. There was a lot of blood and my colleague froze and ran away. Fortunately there was a nurse in the s...
I was out really early yesterday looking for inventory to sell at my space at a local Antique Gallery where I work on Sundays. I really need furniture both for display and to sell. It didn't happen but I did find many smalls: two large boxes full. Today there is a company run sale in a nearby tow...
Today there is a big estate sale I am going to. It is about 20 miles away and it starts early and appears from the ad, to have a lot of stuff and furniture. I need to get some more stuff for my space at the antique gallery where I work on Sundays. Tanglewood will soon be open and between my work ...
I am really ready for spring. Yesterday our temperatures didn't reach fifty but I bought eight hanging or potted baskets of colorful flowers anyway. Despite the winds and the relative cold I was happy to enjoy these flowers in my garden. It will be a bit warmer today but I am going to hold off un...
I have a really nice neighbor who lives behind me. He used to work for a contractor I used and has always been kind and willing to help with the little things I couldn't do myself. He was able to put a screw into a chair I had that was otherwise usable. Perhaps I'll get another season out of it b...
I live in a small town in western Massachusetts where the cast of animals seems endless. I had never seen a live bear until one was walking up the street a couple of years ago. There are fox, possum, wild turkeys, squirrels of every variety, deer, huge snapping turtles, wolves, coyote, and every ...

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