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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



I wasn't sure if anyone would get this one. Marco was really close and was probably there, but didn't call it by the name I knew. Joanna got it, and then there were others who were all over. If you missed my earlier post and want to see the pictures before you guess, here it is:http://activerain....
This one is not tough and I was thrilled to be here. Like the "Great Wall" in China, that I studied as a kid and then was speechless being there, this place too reminded of being little and learning about this incredible journey. See if you can guess this one?
I am no longer able to be silent and watch without comment as my country turns into something I no longer recognize. We are becoming isolated and despised around the world and we are behaving as if this is just business as usual. In another time, Jews were the people de jure who were isolated, se...
I thought this was an easy one, but so far only one right guess. Perhaps this is because I have fooled almost everyone so far. Maybe there has been over thinking and maybe it just is not recognizable. Here was the original post in case you missed it.
Here we go. This one is any easy one I think. I took this several years ago with a camera I didn't keep because it was hard to use. That said, I like this photo and believe many will recognize the subject and the city. This particular shot was taken just before a Chinese dinner I had that was ter...
I thought of Venice when I saw this but no, it was far, far away. I thought it was intersting written in English but I guess it was offered for tourists. If you missed the post, here it is: here are some additional photos: W...
By now, if you have been following these posts you know that I generally don't pick scenes, or show pictures that are clearly identified with where they were taken. And so this may be the case with this one as well. It was shot in Europe and it was taken within the last couple of years. So take a...
This one was hard. Having said that, I did give a clue for the first time since I started posting pictures. Here is the post, in case you missed it, or want to read it before the hint and the answer to follow. is a picture of the hint:...
Here is a picture from a trip I took. It could be a lot of places but it is but one. I was here very early in the morning and the streets were pretty empty. It was eerie to say the least. One hint: Franz Liszt lived here and this is a plaque commemorating it. Okay then, let's see if you know.
Time to reveal the answers to yesterday's photos shared. I had indicated that these four photos were from different continents and so they are. If you want to see the photos before the answers, or missed the post here is a link:  So h...

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